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Wie speelde de piano in The Eddy Duchin Story?

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Who played the piano in The Eddy Duchin Story?

Carmen Cavallaro

The film received four nominations in total and was one of the highest-grossing films of 1956. Incorporating signature elements of Duchin’s style into his own original style, Carmen Cavallaro performed the piano music for the film.

What disease did Eddy Duchin have?

EDDY DUCHIN DIES OF LEUKEMIA AT 41; Pianist and Orchestra Leader Won Popular Acclaim With Renditions of the Blues Won Audition With Reisman Fingers Insured For $150,000.

Did Tyrone Power actually play the piano in The Eddy Duchin Story?

The music was played by pianist Carmen Cavallero in his own style. He had a completely different, and more technically precise, style of playing than Eddy Duchin had.

Who is Colin Duchin?

Colin is a grandson of Mr. and Mrs. George Zauderer of New York and the late Eddy Duchin, the pianist and or chestra leader, and the late Mrs. Marjorie Oelrichs Duchin.

Where does Peter Duchin live now?

After his divorce from Zauderer, in 1985 Duchin married Brooke Hayward, with whom he had been living since 1981. The couple maintained a loft in New York City and a house in Washington, Connecticut in Litchfield County, Connecticut.

Did Duchin remarry?

The Harrimans became his family. In 1947, Eddy Duchin remarried and young Peter moved in with him for the first time. But it was too late to establish warm ties. Four years later, the famous bandleader died of leukemia at age 42.

When was Peter Duchin born?

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