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Wie was Molly Pitcher’s tweede man?

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Who was Molly Pitchers 2nd husband?

After the war, Mary and her barber husband settled down in Carlisle. William died in 1788, leaving behind Mary and a young son, John, aged five. A year later, in 1789, Mary Hays married John McCauley. Many records indicate that this second marriage was not a happy one for Mary McCauley.

Who was Molly Pitcher’s husband?

In her early twenties, she married a barber named William Hays, who soon enlisted in the 4th Pennsylvania Artillery and served in the Continental Army. Like other soldiers’ wives, Mary followed her husband on campaign, typically performing mundane tasks like washing clothes and sheets.

What happened to Molly Pitcher?

She was awarded a pension in 1822 by the Pennsylvania State Legislature and it wasn’t until the anniversary of the War in 1876 that a marker noting her exemplary service was placed on her grave. She died on January 22, 1832. Another “Molly Pitcher” was Margaret Corbin (b.

Who was Molly Pitcher’s 1st husband?

Molly Pitcher’s Husband

A Mary Ludwig married a John Hays on July 24, 1769. This may have been a first husband for the future Molly Pitcher, or it may have been a marriage of her mother, also named Mary Ludwig as a widow. In 1777, the younger Mary married William Hays, a barber, and an artilleryman.

What are 5 facts about Molly Pitcher?

Interesting Facts about Molly Pitcher

Mary Hays was known as “Sergeant Molly” after the Battle of Monmouth. Margaret Corbin was the first woman in the United States to earn a military pension for her actions in battle. Corbin’s wounded arm never healed right and she had difficulty using it the rest of her life.

Where was Molly Pitcher married?

The deeds in the story of Molly Pitcher are generally attributed to Mary Ludwig Hays, who was married to William Hays, an artilleryman in the Continental Army. She joined him at the Army’s winter camp at Valley Forge in 1777, and was present at the Battle of Monmouth, where she served as a water-carrier.

How did Mary Hays get the name Molly Pitcher?

According to legend, at the Battle of Monmouth (June 28, 1778), Mary Hays, wife of artilleryman William Hays, carried water to cool both the cannon and the soldiers in her husband’s battery—hence the nickname “Molly Pitcher.” Legend also asserts that when William Hays collapsed or was wounded, she took her husband’s …

What was Molly Pitchers family life?

She grew up on a family-owned farm with her parents Gretchen and John George Ludwig, a German immigrant and butcher, and her 3 brothers. When his father died in January 1769, Mary went to Carlisle, Pennsylvania to work as a servant to the family of Anna and Dr. William Irvine.

How old is Molly Pitcher now?

Molly Pitcher died on January 22nd, 1832 in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. She was 78 years old.

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