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Wat is Gator board montage?

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What is Gator board used for?

Gatorboard is lightweight, durable and great for stretching watercolor paper. Gatorfoam Board has an exceptionally rigid surface quality and is very durable, making it the mounting board of choice for photographers, screen printing, acrylic, oil painting and watercolorists.

What is Gator board mounting?

Gator board is a super rigid foam board alternative. It is great for prints that will be framed or temporary wall displays. Pair it with UV matte or gloss lamination and a back-frame for a more permanent economical wall display.

What is the difference between gator board and foam core?

Gator Board is much stronger than regular foam board, but is about the same weight. Gator Board has a very rigid poly surface which is resistant to moisture, unlike foam board which is foam covered with lightweight paper stock.

What can I use instead of gator board?

Foamcore boards are much cheaper and less heavy duty, not lasting as long and are not as durable. They’re easier to cut for an average person, while gator boards require special equipment. Gator boards and foamcore boards are very similar. Read more about Foamcore board and its features.

How long does gator board last?

While gatorboard is recommended for long-term use, both signage solutions can last up to 2 years when handled with care and properly stored.

Are Gator Boards waterproof?

What is Gatorboard? Gatorboard, made of a solid foam core with a hard fiber exterior on each side, is rigid and has a coating that makes it resistant to moisture, but it is still not completely waterproof.

How do you attach a gator board to the wall?

And what i do in order to mount it on a wall is use scrap pieces of the gator. Board to create a standoff we would call it a way to have the image actually stand away from the wall.

Can you frame gator board?

And it’s of upmost importance to use high quality images to let it shine. Mounting with Gator board is cost effective, and becoming the gold standard practice for photo framing.

How do you cut a gator board?

Gatorfoam has a hard brittle shell. A table saw is the best way to cut it. Use a blade for laminates like formica or plastics (10 inch diameter, 80 tooth triple chip works great). Hand-cutting will usually lead to chipping of the laminate unless you are very patient- lightly score again and again and again etc.

Can you paint gator board?

Painting with Oil Colour

You can adhere canvas to Gatorfoam Board just as you would with mdf, using Acrylic Soft Gel or Acid-free PVA. It can also be painted on directly with oil colour but only if you completely seal the surface as well as the exposed foam sides to prevent any solvent from touching the board.

What can I use as a watercolor backing board?

A Masonite (hardboard) drawing board or corrugated plastic board will work well. I also use Gatorfoam board, available at the art supply store, but that’s a little pricey.

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