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Wat doen rally auto navigators?

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What do rally navigators do?

A co-driver is the navigator of a rally car in the sport of rallying, who sits in the front passenger seat. The co-driver’s job is to navigate, commonly by reading off a set of pacenotes to the driver (what lies ahead, where to turn, the severity of the turn, and what obstacles to look out for).

How do I use rally navigation?

So but the real fun stuff with navigator is using the snap roads function which is detailed here so holding the ctrl key I can click the map.

How do I find a rally co driver?

The first option is one of your friends in your local area. Seventy percent of rally drivers get to their first rally with a friend who has also never rallied before, so having a team of complete novices is certainly ok. Another option is to attend some rallies and get to know the teams that are competing there.

What do rally navigators say?

A rally navigator reads his or her chicken scratch aloud from a racing seat, complete with a chest-cinching five-point harness, as an overzealous guy or gal in the driver’s seat slides a rally car down a thin, dirt road lined with tall, thick trees.

Do rally co drivers ever drive?

Just like airplane pilots have their copilots, rally drivers have a co-driver sitting right next to them during each race.

How do I read a rally roadbook?

A roadbook is just a way of breaking down the intended route of a rally or route into bitesize pieces, each giving you specific information. To follow the route you need to read the roadbook from left to right as you ride, in the same way you would read a cartoon strip in a newspaper of magazine.

How many different navigation choices are there for rally?

Navigation on stage rallies takes two forms – one to navigate along public roads to the location of the individual stages (not necessary on single venue events), and the other to navigate through the timed stages at speed.

How do you read Tulip maps?

The name of this type of navigation comes from the Tulip Rally, which first used it in the 1950s. Tulip, or ball and arrow instructions, are simple diagrams of the route junctions with the ball indicating where you come from and the arrow indicating where you are going to. Normally they are given in order.

What does left 3 mean in rally?

While in Dirt Rally 2.0 it’s delivered in the opposite order – 5 left or 3 right. These instructions simply tell you which direction the corner is going, and how tight or open the corner is. 1 means that the corner is really tight and will need to be taken in a low gear at slow speed.

Do rally Drivers use handbrake?

Most rally cars use a hydraulic handbrake. The purpose of the handbrake maneuver is to turn a car around a very tight corner by locking up the rear wheels aiding in the rotation of the car around the corner.

How do I learn rally pacenotes?
Earlier the real skill is to translate what you see whilst driving slowly on recce like this to when you arrive up to three times faster on the rally.

What does tightens mean in rally?

– > tightens: when the corner is immediately, without any straight followed by a slower corner (R3>R2 means Right 3 (continues) into R2.

Who is Samir The rally driver?

Samir Thapar

The driver, Samir Thapar, was actually an experienced competitor in the Indian Rally Championship but 2013 was the year he returned to action after a long lay-off because of injury and other commitments, which may explain why he is so rusty in the clip.