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Voor wie coacht Chris Mullin?

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Why did Chris Mullin leave coaching?

Chris Mullin felt in his heart it was time to leave St. John’s. He stepped down this month after four years as coach at the school where he starred in the 1980s. “It got to a certain point for me to do something different,” Mullin told The Associated Press on Monday.

Where does Chris Mullin work now?

Mullin now lives in California, where he is an NBC Sports analyst for the Warriors.

Who played with Chris Mullin at St John’s?

Bill Wennington

Chris Mullin, a schoolboy star from Xaverian in Brooklyn, and Bill Wennington, a Canadian who moved to Wheatley Heights and excelled at Long Island Lutheran, were sharing their first night together as roommates. They were embarking on a four-year journey that would culminate with the greatest basketball team in St.

Why did Chris Mullen quit St Johns?

Chris Mullin stepped down as the men’s basketball coach at St. John’s on Tuesday after four years on the job, citing a personal loss. Mike Cragg, the St.

Did Chris Mullin get fired?

For a second time in the storied history of St. John’s basketball, the Chris Mullin era is over. The school’s greatest player “stepped down” as head coach Tuesday after four years on the job, citing a “personal loss.”

Where is coach Mike Anderson now?

John’s men’s basketball coach Mike Anderson gets 6-year extension through 2026-27 season. NEW YORK — St. John’s has given Big East Conference coach of the year Mike Anderson a six-year contract extension through the 2026-27 season.

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