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Hoe oud is Shelley Berman?

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Who played Mr brinkman in Bewitched?

Shelley Berman

Shelley Berman played candy company client, Mr. Brinkman, in the first season episode, The Witches Are Out (1964).

Who plays Larry David’s father on Curb Your Enthusiasm?

Shelley Berman

Nat David (Shelley Berman, Season 3–7) is Larry’s widowed father. He tends to make mistakes that Larry calls him out on.

Was Bob Newhart an accountant?

And that is when Bob Newhart, future comedy legend, decided to enter the prestigious trade of accounting. Hired as a staff accountant at United States Gypsum (now USG Corporation), Newhart did everything possible to distinguish himself from his accounting colleagues — that is, except doing a good job.

Who played Skitch King of Queens?

actor Shelley Berman

Veteran comedian/actor Shelley Berman appeared as Skitch, Arthur’s half-brother. Skitch Spooner is Arthur’s half-brother. He appears in two episodes, “Shrink Wrap” (Season 4, Episode #25, 2002) and “Queens’bro Bridge” (Season 5, Episode #22, 2003).

Who played Tabitha on Bewitched and where is she now?

Following Bewitched, Murphy guest-starred on the show Lassie, modeled for Hang Tan swimwear and appeared in various TV commercials. Since 2014, Murphy, 54, has been co-owner of Slim Chillers – a company that makes low-calorie frozen vodka martini pops.

Who played monster in Bewitched?

Roger Ewing

“Bewitched” The Girl Reporter (TV Episode 1964) – Roger Ewing as Marvin Grogan (Monster) – IMDb.

Who did Kathy Hilton play in Bewitched?


Year Title Role
1971 Bewitched Robin Silverton
1972 Welcome Home, Johnny Bristol Virginia
1974 Sigmund and the Sea Monsters Diane
1976 No Deposit, No Return Girl at the Airport

Who played Liza on Bewitched?

Cheryl Holdridge

“Bewitched” The Girl Reporter (TV Episode 1964) – Cheryl Holdridge as Liza Randall – IMDb.

Who played Madame marushka in Bewitched?

Lisa Kirk

Bewitched (TV Series 1964–1972) – Lisa Kirk as Madame Maruska – IMDb.