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Where do the pool kings live?

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Asked by: Eric Alexander

The Leasure family’s new house in the hills above Folsom, CA, comes with breathtaking lakeside views, and their big pool dreams will make it a perfect home. But rocky soil and tricky plumbing designs create a big challenge for the team.

Where is Pool Kings filmed?

Pool King – Justin McGuire. Justin McGuire, area Manager for California Pools in Austin Texas has been in the swimming pool industry for nearly 20 years.

How much do the pools cost on the show pool kings?

about $100,000 to $2 million

Now, the pools Kyle and Justin Peek build range from about $100,000 to $2 million.

How much did the Hartley pool cost on Pool Kings?

Unbelievable pool’s $2 million price tag includes awesome features – like a kitchen.

How do I get on the show pool kings?

Pool Kings just gives us the opportunity to show you what’s possible and what it’s like to work with California Pools. Who knows? Maybe your project will be featured on an upcoming Pool Kings! All you have to do is give your local California Pools office a call and we’ll be happy to discuss what we can do for you.

Do you get paid to be on Pool Kings?

The Homeowners do not Get Paid. Now I have to tell you that this one did surprise us a little. We always assumed that the homeowners got paid because they were on TV, but according to Kyle and Justin they do not. They said that the show does give them a meal the day of the reveal shoot, but nothing else.

How many seasons of Pool King are there?

Pool Kings has since had 8 seasons and over 40 episodes. The show has brought us stunning waterfalls, swim up bars, luxurious backdrops, and so many more.

How much did the James family pool cost?

The pool cost the family $2 million to build

The feat of creative and engineering genius featured on Animal Planet’s.

How much do Lucas Congdon pools cost?

Our custom permitted and engineered Lucas Lagoons pools start with a base cost of approximately $350,000 within 50 miles of Sarasota, FL. Lucas Lagoons projects beyond 50 miles but within the state of Florida require a minimum budget of $450,000. Pools outside the state of Florida require a minimum budget of $750,000.

Does Lucas lagoon have his own pool?

We have a pool, a big pond, waterfalls, play equipment—the boys love it.”

Where is sunshine from Lucas lagoons from?

Matt Schuler was born and raised in Staten Island, New York.

Did Lucas Congdon go to college?

He started on his path after a brief stint at Montana State University, where he studied landscape architecture. Congdon determined he was better off getting his hands dirty and left school to pursue a career in the field.