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Compatibility for a new cassette and chain

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Asked by: Lisa Johnson

How do you know if a cassette is compatible?

A good way to check compatibility is to see how many teeth your Sram cassette has. If the smallest cog is 10T, it should use an XD-style freehub, but if it’s 11T then it likely uses a Shimano HG freehub. Campagnolo freehubs are compatible only with Campagnolo cassettes.

Can I put a new chain on an old cassette?

You should change your chain at the same time as the cassette and/or chainset. “A worn chain on a new cassette or chainrings will only accelerate the wear,” says Chris McKenney.

Do I need to change chain if I change cassette?

It’s also a good idea to replace your chain when you change your cassette. (Chains wear faster than your cassette, so it’s likely you’ll go through a couple chains before you need to replace your cassette.) Cassettes and chains need to be compatible with each other.

How do I know what cassette fits my bike?

The size of a cassette is usually expressed by quoting its smallest and largest cogs. As an example, a typical modern road bike cassette may be an 11-32t (teeth) cassette. For a mountain bike cassette, the range may be something like 10-52t.

Do all cassettes fit all hubs?

Most cassette hubs are compatible with Shimano cassette cogs. SRAM cassettes and most Miche, IRD and SunRace cassettes use the same inter-sprocket spacing as Shimano, but at least some SRAM 10-speed cassettes do not fit aluminum-body Dura-Ace hubs.

Can I use an 8-speed chain on a 7-speed cassette?

Five, 6, 7 and 8-speed chains

A 7.1 mm wide 8-speed chain* will fit all the other systems (5, 6 and 7-speed ones). Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo all use the same chain with 8 speeds.

How many miles should a bike cassette last?

Very Roughly: bike cassette can last between 4000 to 6000 miles, and some can last up to 10,000 miles, an equivalent of 3 to 4 chains, it depends on the quality of the cassette itself, maintenance, and riding conditions.

How often should a bike chain be replaced?

about every 2,000 to 3,000 miles

Most mechanics agree that you should replace your chain about every 2,000 to 3,000 miles, depending on your riding style. Many Tour De France riders wear out two or even three chains on their primary bike over the course of the three-week race.

Do I need to change chain when changing chainring size?

No. Reducing the chainring size by two teeth means the chain needs to be one tooth shorter, so half a full link. You can only shorten a chain by a whole link, which is two teeth’s worth of chain, so if the chain was optimal before you could make it too short.

Is an 11 34 cassette good for climbing?

All other things being equal, the 34T sprocket on the 11-34T cassette is going to give you the easiest gear. If your bike is currently fitted with an 11-28T cassette, switching to an 11-34T cassette will make climbing less of a struggle.

Can I put a different cassette on my bike?

Yes, you can. If a smaller cassette suits your needs and terrain more, there’s no reason why you can’t put it on your bike. It doesn’t affect the function of your bike or drivetrain in any way and shifting will not be different.

How often should you change your bike chain and cassette?

My rule of thumb is to replace it at 75 per cent wear (as measured with a chain-wear indicator). If you stick with this guideline, your cassette and chainrings will last a lot longer. A cassette, in most cases, can last for approximately two to three chain replacements if they are done at the right time.

Can I fit an 11 speed cassette on a 8 speed hub?

An 11-speed road cassette cannot be installed on an 8-speed hub. The hub is too narrow and creates rubbing between the chain and the spokes when riding in the smallest gear. 3. 11-speed MTB cassettes can be installed on an 11-speed road hub with a 1.85mm spacer.

Can I fit a 12-speed cassette on a 11 speed hub?

Yes it will. Shimano did a great job of ensuring backwards compatibility. Let’s take a closer look at the new cassette and freehub body and see how this is possible.

Can I fit a 11 speed cassette on a 9 speed hub?

Quote from video:

Are all Shimano cassettes compatible?

SRAM and Shimano cassettes, on either road or mountain bike, are interchangeable with each other as the spacing is the same between the sprockets. However, Campagnolo road cassettes will only work with Campagnolo drivetrains.

How do I know what kind of cassette I have?

Quote from video: How do you tell what size cassette you have you count the teeth. In the biggest and the smallest ring. So one two three four 27 28 so this is a 28.

How do I know if my cassette is type or thread?

Find the tool fitting on the sprocket set. Spin the sprockets backwards. If the fittings spin with the cogs, it is a cassette system with a freehub. If the tool fittings do not spin with the cogs, it is a threaded freewheel system.

Are 6 and 7 speed cassettes interchangeable?

6 and 7 speed have different spacing, 8 is slightly different to 7 as well. If the bike is from post 1989 or so it will have a block not a cassette, and a cassette won’t go on the hub. If it’s a 6 speed cassette it may have a threaded top cog meaning a modern 7 speed cassette won’t fit either.

Will a 9 speed chain work on a 7 speed cassette?

A chain one size narrower than standard rarely presents any problem. Thus, you can use a “9-speed” chain with a 7-speed or 8-speed system, or a “10-speed” chain with a 9-speed system.

Can I put a 7 speed wheel on a 6 speed bike?

6 Speed to 7 Speed

If your bike currently has a regular-spaced 6-speed freewheel, you can generally upgrade to 7-speed with little trouble. Since the sprockets are closer together on a 7-speed freewheel, the overall width is only very slightly wider than a regular-spaced 6-speed.