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Is Xfinity Mobile as fast as Verizon?

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Asked by: Gerardo Bullets

Is Xfinity Mobile slower than Verizon?

However, our tests found that Xfinity Mobile subscribers saw an average download speed of 12.6 Mbps, compared to the Verizon average of 24.0 Mbps (measured only in regions where Xfinity Mobile is available).

Why is Xfinity Mobile so slow?

When the network is experiencing unusually high levels of demand, some customers temporarily may have slower data speeds. “High levels of demand” is most often based on where you are physically. For example, if you’re in a crowded stadium, you may notice temporarily slower speeds.

Is Xfinity same as Verizon?

Verizon and Xfinity are not the same company. They’re two separate entities—the former is a fiber internet and wireless provider, and the latter is a cable TV and internet provider. It can be easy to confuse Verizon with Xfinity because of Xfinity Mobile.

What are the pros and cons of Xfinity Mobile?

Final Thoughts

Pros Cons
Great value for By the Gig and Unlimited plans Must be an Xfinity internet customer
Verizon’s top-rated wireless network and 5G access Added fee if you ever cancel internet service
Fast data speeds Not all Androids compatible for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

How fast is Xfinity Mobile?

Data speeds: Expect 4G LTE download speeds of 5–12 Mbps and upload speeds of 2–5 Mbps. With a 5G device and access to a 5G network, expect download speeds around 450 Mbps and upload speeds around 50 Mbps. Hotspots: Xfinity Mobile has millions of hotspots operating at 3G speeds.

Does Xfinity Mobile get throttled?

Phones on the Comcast network will automatically connect to these hotspots when in range without the user having to select the Wi-Fi network or enter a password, Comcast said. But if you’re over 20GB and not in range of Wi-Fi, you’ll be throttled. Comcast said the data limits are applied to cellular data only.

Will Xfinity Mobile have 5G?

With Xfinity Mobile, you get fast nationwide 5G coverage to keep you connected. Plus, you’re always covered with LTE and millions of secure Xfinity hotspots when and where 5G isn’t.

How fast is Xfinity Mobile hotspot?

Speaking of bandwidth, your hotspot may not be as fast as your home internet connection. In fact, Xfinity Mobile throttles all mobile hotspots at download speeds of 600 Kbps, which is just about enough to stream video in standard definition (learn more about data speeds with our handy guide).

Which network does Xfinity Mobile use?


Comcast’s Xfinity Mobile service is an MVNO, which means that Comcast handles all of its mobile customers’ billing and service issues, but the actual underlying network they’re using is Verizon’s.

Can I switch from Verizon to Xfinity Mobile?

You can switch anytime (if you’re not in a contract)

The only thing that may “tether” you to your old carrier is your old phone. If you own that phone, or can pay it off, you may still need to “unlock it” from your old carrier, so it will work on your new network.

What network does Verizon use?

CDMA wireless network

The Verizon network is a CDMA wireless network.

Is Verizon the best wireless carrier?

Verizon is still the best mobile network carrier for overall quality, according to a new report. The nation’s biggest consumer wireless company placed first by sweeping all six categories (with one tie) for the second half of 2019, according to mobile evaluator RootMetrics.

Is Verizon shutting down CDMA?

We are actively decommissioning our 3G CDMA network and expect to be completed by no later than December 31, 2022. As we continue with these changes to our network, we are also actively working with impacted customers.

What is Verizon LTE mean?

Long Term Evolution

Verizon 4G LTE explained. LTE stands for Long Term Evolution. It’s a term used for the particular type of 4G that delivers a fast mobile Internet experience. You’ll usually see it called 4G LTE (often found in the corner of your phone screen, where you see the classic service “bars”).

Is LTE faster than 4G?

In laymans terms, the difference between 4G and LTE is that 4G is faster than LTE. The reason for this is that 4G meets the technical standards designated for it whereas LTE data transfer speed standard is merely a stopgap measure standard devised until actual 4G speed is realized.

Why is my LTE so slow Verizon?

Verizon can be slow because of Verizon network outages, which you can find out using Downdetector, or because you have an older device or piece of equipment. On top of that, slowness can be caused by going over your data cap for the month or too many devices on the network.

Is 5G faster than LTE?

In a nutshell, because 5G uses a different spectrum than 4G LTE, it can deliver stronger and faster connections, higher capacity for traffic, as well as latency as low as 1ms.

Which mobile data is fastest?

5G is the fastest mobile network technology available and at the time of writing real-world download speeds are averaging around 130-250Mbps, but networks claim peak speeds of 1Gbps or more are already possible, and in future 5G could become far faster still, once the infrastructure and technologies improve.

What are the disadvantages of 5G?

The main disadvantage of 5G is that it has limited global coverage and is available only in specific locations. Only cities can benefit a lot from 5G network and remote areas may not get the coverage it for some years. Moreover, the expenses for setting tower stations are high when compared to other networks.

Why am I getting 4G instead of 5G?

If the user’s phone has moved out of the 5G coverage and enters the 4G coverage, or vice versa, the network icon will change on the phone’s status bar. Solution: This issue is caused by differences in network coverage.

Is LTE the same as 4G?

LTE, sometimes known as 4G LTE, is a type of 4G technology. Short for “Long Term Evolution”, it’s slower than “true” 4G, but significantly faster than 3G, which originally had data rates measured in kilobits per second, rather than megabits per second.

Why does my phone say LTE instead of 5G Verizon?

About 5G Nationwide

When you’re using data in an area not covered by 5G Nationwide, your device automatically shifts to our 4G LTE network. Visit our Verizon 5G network coverage map.