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What is Horizon pool?

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Asked by: Jennifer Minnick

How do you build a pool on horizon?

Creating A Desktop Pool

  1. Log into the Horizon 7 Administrator. …
  2. Click Add to add a new pool.
  3. Select the Pool Type that you want to create. …
  4. Choose the type of virtual machines that will be deployed in the environment. …
  5. Select whether you want to have Floating or Dedicated Desktops.

What is a VMware desktop pool?

VMware View Virtual desktop pools is a collection of desktops that users select when they log in using the View client. A pool can be created based on a subset of users, such as finance or HR, but this is not explicitly required unless you will be deploying multiple Virtual Desktop master images.

What is virtual desktop pool?

A virtual desktop pool is a group of virtual desktops that are hosted on identically configured virtual machines (VMs). Pooling virtual desktops allows an administrator to centralize desktop management and simplify settings configuration.

Which type of desktop pool we can create in VMware horizon?

Automated desktop pools use a vCenter Server virtual machine template or snapshot to create a pool of identical virtual machines. You can create these automated desktop pools: Instant-clone desktop pools. Full-clone virtual machine desktop pools.

What is the difference between a virtual desktop pool and a personal virtual desktop?

Personal desktop—desktops are directly assigned to a single user. This is typically used when you need persistent desktops that users can customize. Pooled desktop— users are assigned desktops from an available pool of machines.

What is floating VDI?

Floating (nonpersistent) desktops – A virtual desktop is assigned to users each time they log in, so users do not use the same virtual desktop for subsequent logins. When a user logs out, the nonpersistent desktop resets to a pristine state and changes to the desktop are lost.

How do you make a virtual pool?

Identify the virtual host to be added to the new virtual pool: Be a managed virtual host or a pooled host.

  1. Select Assets from the Navigation pane.
  2. Select Virtual Pool from the drop-down list.
  3. Click Create Virtual Pool in the Actions pane.
  4. Provide a name and description for the new virtual pool, and assign tags.

What is a logical pool?

Logical volume storage pools are volume groups, which are collections of one or more physical volumes. The physical volumes that comprise a logical volume storage pool can be of varying sizes and types.

What is difference between volume and storage pool?

After a storage pool has been created, you can create one or multiple volumes on it. A volume is a unit of data storage and may be expanded if the associated storage pool contains allocatable space. At least one volume must be created before you can start storing data on your Synology NAS.