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How much does bubble wrap weigh?

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Asked by: Jennifer Minnick

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Brand Sealed Air
Material Paper
Item Dimensions LxWxH 12 x 8 x 8 inches
Color Clear
Item Weight 0.26 Pounds

Does bubble wrap add weight?

The type of padding used can add a lot of weight to the parcel. Opting for lightweight paddings, such as bubble wrap, can be a huge cost saver regardless of the package size.

What size is normal bubble wrap?


Typical bubble sizes include: 1/8-inch thick: Good for smaller items. 3/16-inch thick, 3/8-inch diameter: Standard bubble size, good for medium weight products. 5/16-inch thick, 1-inch thick diameter: Medium-size bubble, good for filling voids and providing additional protection.

How much is a large roll of bubble wrap?

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This item 50 Foot Bubble Cushioning Wrap, 1/2″ (Large) Bubbles, 12″ Wide, Perforated Every 12″ BASH Brand 100 Foot Bubble Cushioning Wrap, 1/2″ (LARGE) Bubbles, 12″ Wide, Perforated Every 12″ BASH Brand
Price $1099 $1999
Sold By BASH Packaging BASH Packaging

How big is a roll of bubble wrap?

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Small Bubble Anti-Static Bubble
Roll Size 24″ x 200′ 12″ x 175′
Bubble size 3/8″ x 3/16″ 3/8″ x 3/16″
Perforated every 12″

What is heavy duty bubble wrap?

The strongest bubble available. 3 times stronger than our Bubble Wrap® Strong. 1/2″ heavy-duty bubble gives maximum protection for extreme shipping conditions. Recommended for shipping motors, compressors, valves and your heavier items.

What is the difference between small and large bubble wrap?

The fundamental difference is one of softness. Large bubbles are softer and thus more suited to delicate things, unless you just need the extra thickness to bulk out of box. However, small bubbles will carry more weight.

What size are the large bubbles in bubble wrap?

Bubble wrap guide: everything you need to know about our bubble wrap

Type Small Jiffy bubble Large Jiffy bubble
Bubble diameter 10mm 25mm
Bubble height 3.2mm 9mm
Roll diameter 600mm 750mm
Thickness 30 micron 60 micron

How much bubble wrap do I need for a box?

A move from a small to medium size residence such a one to two bedroom apartment or a two to three bedroom house, might need one 100-foot roll of bubble wrap. If you or a family member is a collector of china figurines, crystal glassware, fine chine, or other types of fragile items, you may require more than one roll.

What is the smallest size of bubble wrap?

Bubbles that are 1/16th of an inch in thickness and 1/8th of an inch in diameter provide very little protection and are used for wrapping small, fragile items, such as glassware.

What are the different types of bubble wrap?

With custom printed and coloured bubble wrap also available, the options are endless.

  • Metalised Foil Bubble Wrap.
  • Kraft Paper Backed Bubble Wrap.
  • Foam Backed Bubble Wrap.
  • Anti Static Bubble Wrap.
  • Protecta Soft Protective Bubble Wrap.
  • Bubble Tubing.
  • Bubble Bags.

How much bubble wrap do I need for a TV?

Protect the TV Screen
Use the original protective sleeve to cover the TV screen. If the original packing material is not available, use two layers of bubble wrap fit to the size of the screen to cover.