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What did Charles and Ray Eames do?

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Asked by: Lancy Ardon

Charles and Ray Eames are most famous for their iconic chairs, which transformed our idea of modern furniture, but this was merely one facet of their work. They were graphic and textile designers, architects and film-makers.

What was the relationship between Ray and Charles Eames?

Charles Eames (1907–1978) and Ray Kaiser Eames (1913–1988) met while attending the Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, and they married in 1941. From the beginning of their collaborative partnership, they focused on creating multifunctional modern designs.

What did Charles Eames invent?

Among their most recognized designs is the Eames Lounge Chair and the Eames Dining Chair.

When did Charles and Ray Eames become famous?


The story of the couple, making their careers in the US, involves both design competitions and World War Two – and Finnish architects Eliel and Eero Saarinen. Charles and Ray Eames are among the best-known and highly regarded designers of the 20th century. IT WAS THE YEAR 1940.

What was the Eames house known for?

Of the twenty-five Case Study Houses built, the Eames house is considered the most successful both as an architectural statement and as a comfortable, functional living space.

Did Ray and Charles Eames have kids?

Lucia Eames, designer, mother and beloved only child of American architect and designer Charles Eames, and beloved only step-daughter of designer and painter Ray Eames, died April 1, 2014.

What seems to be the primary message from film that the Eames made about their house?

The Eames goal was to make the house a home, the chair a host, the film an understanding. The uncharacteristic looseness of House: After 5 Years of Living shows us the lifestyle they weren’t just marketing, but living themselves: a work-life balance of two equal parts, all situated in respect to nature.

What materials did Charles and Ray Eames use?

Their chairs were designed for Herman Miller in four materials—molded plywood, fiberglass-reinforced plastic, bent and welded wire mesh, and cast aluminum.

When was the Eames chair designed?

Ray and Charles Eames released their molded fiberglass armchair in 1950, after creating it for the International Competition for Low-Cost Furniture Design, sponsored by the MoMA. The affordable fiberglass design was an answer to the limited financial and material resources available after WWII.

Who is the designer of the iconic Barcelona chair?

designer Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

Architect and designer Ludwig Mies van der Rohe did just that with the Barcelona Chair, an object whose popularity has endured for nearly a century.

Why was Eames House built?

It was developed to address a looming issue: a housing crisis. Millions of soldiers would be returning from the battlefields of World War II, and were wanting to start families. John Entenza recognized that houses needed to be built quickly, inexpensively, yet without sacrificing good design.

Who lives in the Eames House?

Strikingly, the 17-foot-high living room was not a hard-edged example of modern design, but a comfortable lived-in place, rich in cultural artifacts and artful clutter. The house is now maintained by the Eames Foundation, set up by Lucia Eames, Mr. Eames’s daughter from his first marriage, and her children.

How much is the Eames House worth?

Decades after the Eames house was built, articles were written that describe the beautiful design of the house with a price tag of $1.00 per square foot during its time. In 2018, this would be about $10.25 per square foot.

How tall was Charles Eames?

6‐foot tall

The 6‐foot tall architect came to town last week with his wife, Ray, for two days of whirlwind activity associated with the opening of two Eames exhibitions, one at the Museum of Modern Art, the other at the IBM Exhibit Center, Madison Avenue at 57th Street.

How many case study houses still exist?

Twenty homes

Twenty homes remain today, but 36 experimental prototypes, many unbuilt, documenting new ideas and residential designs, appeared in the magazine. The majority of the homes were built in Southern California; some are located in San Diego and Northern California; a group of Case Study apartments was built in Phoenix.

Can you visit Case Study Houses?

The Eames and Stahl houses, two of the most famous Case Study Houses, are regularly open to visitors.

Who designed the Case Study Houses?

Of the four homes designed by Richard Neutra for the Case Study Houses program, post-war thought experiments commissioned by Arts & Architecture, only one was ever realized.

Why is the Stahl house famous?

“If you don’t know the Stahl house, then you don’t know mid century modern architecture.” What makes this house so special and iconic? The significance of this home is the product of the site, materials, design, location, photographs and zeitgeist of the time period that it was built.

What movies were filmed at the Stahl House?

Filming Location Matching “Stahl House, Case House 22 – 1635 Woods Drive, Los Angeles, California, USA” (Sorted by Popularity Ascending)

  • Galaxy Quest (1999) …
  • Knight of Cups (2015) …
  • Where the Truth Lies (2005) …
  • The First Power (1990) …
  • Prescription: Murder (1968 TV Movie) …
  • Corrina, Corrina (1994) …
  • Witch Hunt (1994 TV Movie)

Is the Stahl House abandoned?

Pierre Koenig’s midcentury masterpiece, the Stahl House (Case Study House #22), was supposed to be the subject of a new film by Steven Slomkowski, an admirer of the home. However, the movie was abandoned in 2013, and Bruce and Shari Stahl, children of the house’s namesake Buck Stahl, are now suing the filmmaker.

What is Stahl House worth?

Perry purchased the home in 2011 for $8.65 million, according to MLS, and it has now been back on the market for just 5 days listed for a whopping $13.5 million.

How many bedrooms does the Stahl House have?

two bedrooms

The Stahl House is a 2,200-square-foot home with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, built on an approximately 12,000-square-foot lot.

Who is Buck Stahl?

Buck Stahl was a professional football player before taking a job as a purchasing agent for Hughes Aircraft. He bought the land in 1954, built retaining walls from broken concrete salvaged from construction sites, and brought Koenig on board in 1957.

Who owned the Stahl House?

With its glass-and-steel construction, the Stahl House remains one of the most famous examples of the program’s principles and aesthetics. Original owners Buck and Carlotta Stahl found a perfect partner in Koenig, who was the only architect to see the precarious site as an advantage rather than an impediment.

Who has lived in the Stahl House?

Homer Simpson even stops by the Stahl House in the 2009 premier of The Simpsons. To me, it’s L.A.’s Hearst Castle. Buck and Carlotta’s Stahl’s three children, Bruce, Shari, and Mark, grew up in the midcentury modern masterpiece.