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What is the setting of Crispin the Cross of Lead?

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Asked by: Michael Bland

This story is set in England in the Middle Ages in the year 1377. It is about a young boy called Crispin, who is declared a fugitive by the steward of his village. He runs away and is hunted by the steward and his men.

Where is Crispin set?

The setting of the story takes place in medieval southern England in the reign of Edward III. There are two important settings: Stromford village and Great Wexly. Stromford village is named after the river Strom which meanders to the west.

What year did Crispin Cross of Lead take place?

1377 A.D.

Plot. In 1377 A.D. England, a 13-year-old boy, known only as Asta’s Son, lives as a peasant in the village of Stromford. The village is part of the territory of the feudal Lord Furnival, which, in Furnival’s absence, is under the control of the steward, John Aycliffe.

What is the exposition of Crispin: The Cross of Lead?

Exposition: This book takes place in England in the year 1377. The main character is Crispin, Asta’s son. He will later meet a big man called, Bear.

What does Crispin find at the crossroads?

What scares him at the crossroads and how does this change Crispin? He sees a dead man with a cross on him. This changes him from thinking that he wants to die to thinking that he doesn’t want to die.

How old is Crispin in the book?

Crispin is a poor thirteen-year-old peasant in medieval England.

What does the word Crispin mean?

Crispinnoun. A shoemaker. Etymology: Crispinus, derivative of the Roman family name Crispus “curly”. Crispinnoun. A Roman shoemaker, martyr and saint (brother of Crispinian); patron saint of cobblers and tanners.

What crime is Crispin accused of?

In 1881, on All Saints’ Day, Crispin and his brother rang the bells in the San Diego church. Having been accused of stealing two gold pieces by the sacristan mayor, Crispin related his worries to his brother.

What is so special about the room where Bear and Crispin are staying?

Bear shows Crispin what makes the room special: it has a removable panel in the wall, enclosing a space big enough to hide both of them if someone should come looking.

How does Crispin change throughout the book?

Crispin transforms mentally and physically throughout the story, showing the reader what he overcame and realized. Crispin is a dynamic character because throughout the story he seeks his true identity, his opinions on the feudal system develop, and he starts the story anxious, unconfident,…show more content…

How many chapters are in Crispin: The Cross of Lead?

“Crispin: The Cross of Lead” by Avi, Chapters 41–58.

What happened on Chapter 44 of Crispin?

Crispin is supposed to stay out of sight at the Green Man all day, but after Bear leaves, he sees the one-eyed man and a soldier in blue and gold following him. Crispin concludes that the one-eyed man is after Bear, not him, and sets off through the streets to warn Bear.

Who was the one-eyed man in Crispin?

John Aycliffe

One-Eyed Man
Our guess is John Aycliffe. The steward seems like the type to employ spies.

Who is the one-eyed youth trying to find who do you think he is helping Crispin?

Listening to all this, Crispin realizes that John Ball is trying to help serfs like Crispin himself.

What feeling does Crispin begin to get after seeing the one-eyed and and what does he compare it to?

Avi has Crispin see the one-eyed man enter the Green Man tavern and look around, and Crispin also has a strong sensation that something dangerous is drawing in upon them. He uses the metaphor that the feeling reminded him of the bird snares Bear used to catch their food as they traveled.

What happens when Crispin warns Bear and the other men of the soldiers approach?

When Crispin warns Bear and the other co-conspirators about the soldiers, they all rush into the courtyard. Bear helps all of them over the wall, including Crispin, but the soldiers capture Bear. At the end of Chapter 42, the author foreshadows trouble to come.

What does Crispin realize about bears threats and warnings to him?

What does Crispin realize about Bear’s threats and warnings to him? That it was a rough kindness. Why does Bear teach Crispin how to play the recorder? So Bear could juggle and dance while Crispin plays the recorder so they can make money.

What does bear give to Crispin after first performance?

What does Bear give to Crispin after their first performance? Bear gives Crispin a penny.

What does bear look like in Crispin?

Crispin describes Bear as a monstrous man with massive hands, but Bear is not only physically large. He is also a man of very big ideas – particularly for the time. Bear dreams of a better world and an end to the feudal system and uses his freedom of movement to help orchestrate that change.

Who does Crispin see in the cathedral?

Crispin wanted to see the sights of Great Wexly but he saw Lady Furnival with guards so he walked on. Crispin wanted to look at the cathedral but John Aycliffe was inside and saw him so he ran.

Should Crispin Trust bear?

Since Bear cares deeply for Crispin, Crispin thinks he can trust Bear because Bear hadn’t hurt him or deceived him. Crispin didn’t run away when he was stuck against a tree because Crispin knows Bear wouldn’t leave him.

What did bear teach Crispin?

Bear teaches Crispin how to use a dagger.