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What breed of horse is Flicka?

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Asked by: Tara Carrisa

Mustanga Mustang, though, was played by a purebred Arabian mare named Wahana, and was sorrel in colour.

What breed of horse is Flicka 2?


Flicka 2 (2010)
IMDb says, “Carrie is a big-city teenager whose life is turned upside down when she moves to a horse ranch in Wyoming to live with her father. But everything changes when Carrie meets Flicka, a wild, jet-black mustang who’s just as free-spirited and strong-willed as Carrie.

Is Flicka an Arabian horse?

Flicka was a chestnut purebred Arabian mare (Arabian Horse Association registered name Wahana – AHR*6513) that starred in the TV series “My Friend Flicka.” The series was the very first TV series ever filmed in color (1955-1956) as well as the first television series produced by 20th Century-Fox (TCF Television).

What kind of animal was Flicka?

While out riding, Katy finds a black wild mustang, and feels a connection with the horse. She sets off to tame “Flicka” (Swedish for little girl), despite her father’s protests.

What happened to the horse Flicka?

The horse was killed Monday during filming at the Hansen Dam Equestrian Center in the San Fernando Valley. The Animal Services Department, which issues animal-use permits to the film industry, shut down the shoot after learning of the death. The 20th Century Fox remake of “Flicka” stars country music star Tim McGraw.

What breed is Flicka 3 horse?

Trivia. In the My Friend Flick films and television series like in the novels, Flicka is identified as a Mustang, though, was played by a purebred Arabian mare named Wahana, and was sorrel in colour.

Was Flicka a male or female?

The story that follows is one of connectivity and identity; one of power and freedom. But in the novel and early television and film versions of Flicka, the protagonist was a boy.

What color is Flicka from My Friend Flicka?

FLICKA was a 900-pound pure Arabian mare. She was sorrel (a copper-red shade of chestnut), and had originally been called Wahana.

What horse played Ginger in Black Beauty?

EQUINE ACTOR, One in a Million. Hightower, one of the busiest horses in movies, played Pilgrim in The Horse Whisperer, Ginger in Black Beauty, and Julia Roberts’ mount in Runaway Bride. He died in 2008 at the age of 26.

How Old Is Katy from Flicka?

In “Flicka,” country singer Tim McGraw stars as the father of a 16-year-old named Katy (played by Alison Lohman) who takes in a wild horse to prove to her dad that she can run the family ranch.

Does Alison Lohman ride horses?

While Katy was learning the lessons of life, Lohman was learning how to ride a horse. Her horseback riding began with this movie and just like Katy, Lohman learned that everything isn’t always as it appears. “I had trouble learning to ride,” commented Lohman.

How are Flicka and Flicka 2 connected?

How are Flicka and Flicka 2 connected? After the death of her mother, Carrie McLaughlin (Tammin Sursok) has been living with her grandmother in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. However, when Carrie is attacked by a prairie rattlesnake, Flicka saves her and the two form a bond.

How old was Alison Lohman in Flicka?


Lohman’s next film was the drama Flicka, which was released in 2006. At the age of 25, she played a 16-year-old girl who befriends a wild mustang in the film.

How many black beauty movies are there?

It’s also been adapted into a stage play, a mini-series and a 1970s TV show titled The Adventures of Black Beauty, along with no less than eight different movies that date back to the silent film era. So, with the recent release of Disney+’s Black Beauty, let’s rank every movie adaptation of Black Beauty.

Is Flicka on Disney plus?

Watch Flicka: Country Pride | Full movie | Disney+

Is Flicka sad?

Movie does have some very intense scenes, emotional roller coaster. Though it has a very happy ending–there is a point in which you think the horse will be shot and I even cried.

Is Flicka kid appropriate?

Flicka is rated PG by the MPAA for some mild language. Mary O’Hara’s tender story of growing up on a Wyoming horse ranch will likely appeal to anyone fond of the four-legged creature. However, there are some moments of tension (which include some mild profanities) between family members.

Does Flicka have a good ending?

Though it has a very happy ending–there is a point in which you think the horse will be shot and I even cried.