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How big is a two person table?

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Asked by: Michelle Lopez

Rectangular and Oval Dining

People 2 No Shared area 2′ x 2’6″ (61 x 76cm) Minimum Size (with shared area) 2′ x 3′ (61 x 91cm)
4 4′ x 2’6″ (122 x 76cm) 4′ x 3′ (122 x 91cm)
6 6′ x 2’6″ (183 x 76cm) 6’6″ x 3′ (198 x 91cm)
8 8′ x 2’6″ (244 x 76cm) 8’6″ x 3′ (259 x 91cm)
10 10′ x 2’6″ (305 x 76cm) 10’6″ x 3′ (320 x 91cm)

What size is a table for 2?

– For 2 people we recommend using a 24” round, a 24×24”, or a 21×28” if in a narrow space. – For 4 people we recommend using a 30” round or 30×30” square top. For formal dining in which each person will have multiple stemware and plates a larger top is required.

What are standard table sizes?

Most rectangular tables are between 36″ and 40″ wide. A table that seats four should be about 48″ long. To seat four to six people, look for a table that is at least 60″ long. For six to eight guests, your table should be at least 78″ long.

What is the typical size in inches of a square dining table for two persons?

What sizes do square tables come in? Squares tables are popular table designs that come in a variety of sizes from two person tables from 2’6” | 76 cm, to large 8-12 person tables with widths between 6′-8′ | 183-244 cm.

How wide should a table be per person?

Rectangular Tables

With regards to length, you’ll need 24” (2 feet) per person. This length of space allows for a comfortable seat. A 72” (6 feet) table should sit three people comfortably along each side.

How big of a table can I fit in a 10×10 room?

A room that’s 10 feet by 10 feet can fit a table up to 48 inches by 48 inches. Keep in mind that this is the best size table for an empty dining room. If you want to put other furniture in the room, you’ll need to get a smaller table.

How many people fit on a square table?

A round 60″ table top can usually fit up to 8 people, while a 60″ square table top can fit up to 3 guests per side in a pinch, so up to 12 people. With rectangular dining tables, which are more common, you can easily fit up to 8 people comfortably at a 30″ x 72″ table top.

What is a 2 top table?

Two-top. Two-tops are ideal in the standard bistro, deli or pub setting. Pretty much any place that is going to serve one plate and one drink per person. Dimensionally speaking, these tables are round or square, and 24 inches in diameter or length/width (square).

Is 32 inches too high for a dining table?

The standard dining room table height is 28 to 32 inches tall. This height generally feels a bit more formal, so it’s perfect for spaces you’re trying to give that sophisticated, grown up feel.

How long is a table for 12?

Standard Dining Table Sizes

Seats Length
4-6 68-72″
6-8 72-80″
8-10 80-92″
10-12 92-110″

How much space does a person need at a dining table?

The general rule of thumb is to allow 24 inches of space for every person gathered around your table.

How much space should each person have at a dining table?

24 to 26 inches

First, consider how many people you want to seat at your table—this will determine the table size you need. We recommend having at least 24 to 26 inches of tabletop space per person or place setting.

How much space should be between a chair and table?

10-12 inches

How much space between your chair and the table? For optimal leg room, allow 10-12 inches between the seat of your chair and your underside tabletop. Tip: For armchairs, be sure to leave to leave at least six inches between the armrest and the underside of the table.

How far from a wall should a dining table be?

36 inches

Distance Between the Table and Walls or Furniture. We generally recommend at least 36 inches between the edge of your table and other furniture or the wall. This provides enough room for someone to walk behind the chairs while others are seated or to open a door on a nearby cabinet.

How much leg room do you need under a table?

Provide about 24″ of leg room below the table (height from floor to bottom of table rail) and at least 12″ for knee clearance (projection of table top beyond table leg). In figuring seating capacity, allow at least 24″ of elbow room width per person and 12″ to 15″ depth from the edge of the table.

How much room do you need around a knee under the table?

At least 27 inches of knee clearance must be provided between the floor and the underside of the table.

How far apart can table legs be?

Most dining chairs are 16″ – 20″ wide and you’ll want several inches of space between the table leg and the first chair and between each of the chairs. Typically, the rule of 24″ to 28″ per person works, but if you have abnormally wide or narrow chairs you may need to adjust accordingly.

What size table legs do I need?

Normally somewhere between 26” and 29” tall, desk height table legs paired with a 1″ or 1-1/2″ thick top should put your finished tabletop surface between 27″ and 30″ tall. These legs are ideal for any desk or table where the user is seated in a standard chair.

What size are dining table legs?

Dining table legs are 29″, which leaves about an inch for top thickness. If you’re planning on a top thicker than one inch, you can shorten the 29″ legs to maintain a finished height of 30″. The apron boards that connect the table legs to form the base are generally about ¾” thick and 4″ wide.

How tall should dining table legs be?

The table leg height for dining tables and desks are relatively the same (28”-30”). The difference is in their functions. Desks are used primarily for work and by one person at a time. They typically have built-in storage for organizational purposes.