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Retraction of the Scapula in Lat-Pulldowns?

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Asked by: David Miles

Before a set of lat pulldowns, grab the bar with an overhand grip and your hands slightly wider than shoulder width. Squeeze your lats to pull your shoulder blades down (it’s called scapular depression), lowering the bar just a bit. Hold for a second, then let the bar rise back up.

Which exercises require scapular retraction?

This exercise is called scapular retraction or better known as shoulder blade squeezes. So what you want to do is you want to squeeze your shoulder blades together.

What does retracting the scapula do?

The scapular retraction test stabilizes the scapula in a retracted and grades the strength of the supraspinatus muscle. The neutral retracted scapular position improves the strength of the supraspinatus, allowing it to produce maximum force capacity compared to excessive protracted or retracted scapular positions.

How do you retraction a scapula?

But we're using it as an example. So again that Q is put your shoulder blades in your back pocket scapula retraction or bringing your shoulder blades back don't forget to bring them down as well.

Do you retract your scapula when shoulder pressing?

One never “retracts” the scapulae when pressing. One shrugs one’s shoulders at the top so that the scapulae come into a position supported correctly by the traps. And if you have to press in front of a mirror, just stare at your hair. This will keep you from looking at the bar.

What muscles do scapula retraction?

Retraction is accomplished by the actions of the trapezius, rhomboids, and latissimus dorsi muscles. The elevation is accomplished by the trapezius, levator scapulae, and rhomboid muscles.

Should scapula always be retracted?

Why is scapular retraction important? Being able to retract your scapula is important because protracted scapulae make it difficult to move your shoulder joints well. Protracted scapulae make it hard to lift your arms out to the side.

Do you retract your scapula when Deadlifting?

One of the worst deadlift mistakes that you can make and is actually a cue that a lot of coaches. Still give their clients and athletes is to forcefully retract your scapula at the start of the lift.

What does it mean to depress your scapula?

Scapular depression refers to the caudal motion of the scapula (scapulothoracic joint). In most instances, depression of the scapula is a passive process (due to gravity) that is facilitated by movement at the acromioclavicular joint.

What is retraction movement?

Retraction Movement

Retraction is the opposite movement. It causes the shoulder blades to move back (posteriorly) and toward the body’s midline (medially). This movement is known as a posteromedial movement.

What is retraction and protraction?

And retraction which are special body movements that involve the scapulae. Better known as your shoulder blades protraction moves the scapula. Forward or anteriorly.