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My back wheel isn’t connected to the gears

5 min read

Asked by: Kristine Smith

Why is my bike back wheel not turning?

Quote from video: They just kind of stay stuck down and so when you pedal forward they just slip over the teeth. And the wheel doesn't turn. So in that case what you want to do is flush out the old grease.

How do you put a rear wheel back on with gears?

Quote from video: Get it up lock it in place and then I'm going to release. The chain with my thumb right here and it's in place and the wheel. Is back on and that's how you put the wheel back on to your bike.

How do I fix my rear bike gears?

Quote from video: The only reason you would need to adjust them is if you've changed wheel cassette different derailleur there are a few of the reasons. Anyway what the limit screw. Does is adjust the upper limit.

How do you put a rear wheel on a bike with gears?

Quote from video: You want to cinch it down pretty close to the dropouts. While it's still in the open position and then afterwards you'll push down on the lever. And tighten the wheel down.

Why is my hub not engaging?

Most likely you have old grease and/or grime which is causing the prawls to stick closed. Get the freehub off, remove the rubber seal, soak in degreaser, blow clean with an air compressor, relube with a light weight oil, ensure everything in the freehub is clicking again then reassemble your hub.

How do you fix a freewheel?

Quote from video: You can usually turn the wheel counterclockwise to loosen the freewheel. Before installing the new freewheel inspect the threads on the hub to make sure they aren't damaged.

Why is my bike not changing gears?

This is usually caused by an overly tight gear cable or the low limiting screw that needs adjusting. You can test this by shifting to the lowest gear and seeing if your front derailleur is in line with the smallest chainring. If not, try adjusting the limiting screw. Alternatively, your gear cable may be too tight.

How do you reset gears on a bike?

Quote from video: Here is your front derailleur at the front of the bike here this one has two chain rings therefore. You have two gears.

How do you fix a rear derailleur?

Quote from video: Pull the chain out and you're ready to remove the old derailleur. Most railers are fastened on with a hex bolt. So you'll need your allen keys for this most of the time you can reuse your shift cable.

How do I know if my freehub needs replacing?

Check the freehub for wear to see if it needs replacing or just cleaning and relubing. To do this, firmly grab the splined body and give it a wiggle. If it moves more than a couple of millimetres side to side, replace it. Otherwise, a good clean and oil will do fine.

How do you fix a bike that won’t pedal?

If the pedals on a bicycle won’t turn, it likely means the pedals or cleats are too worn to function properly. Fixing this particular problem typically means needing to completely replace the pedals and or cleats. However, it could also mean that the gears simply need oiling or cleaning.

How does a freewheel work?

Mechanics. The simplest freewheel device consists of two saw-toothed, spring-loaded discs pressing against each other with the toothed sides together, somewhat like a ratchet. Rotating in one direction, the saw teeth of the drive disc lock with the teeth of the driven disc, making it rotate at the same speed.

Why are my bike pedals locked?

A pedal lock is something that happens with all bicycles, and it can happen while you are riding. It is caused by the pedals rotating in place because dirt, water, grease, or rust has built up on them over time.

How long should a bike wheel spin freely?

You should be getting more than 10 seconds. One test for excessive drag is to watch the wheel as it stops spinning. It should oscillate back and forth two or three times as the heaviest section of the wheel settles to the bottom.

What is a wheel bearing?

What is a wheel bearing? And what does it do in a car? A wheel bearing is a crucial part of the wheel assembly that connects the wheel and the axle. It is a set of steel balls (ball bearings) or tapers (tapered bearings), held together by a metal ring. It enables the wheel to rotate smoothly with a minimum of friction.

How do you loosen the brakes on a bike?

Quote from video: It's not hitting on this either space on the side. So you can loosen this side I'm sorry tighten this side a little bit to bring it this way. Or you can loosen this side also to bring it that way.

How do you release brakes?

Simply pull up the lever to engage the emergency brake. To release the brake, press the button on the end and push down on the stick.

Why are my bike brakes hard to pull?

Two main reasons can make your lever of your bike’s brakes hard to pull, and one of those is that there could be friction in your cable casting and its adjustments lubrication problems with your brakes.