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IPhone ANT+ bicycling apps that can import a GPS track?

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Asked by: Darnell Jimenez

Can you track your bike ride with iPhone?

If you have an iPhone, you might already have what you need to track basic cycling data. The Apple Health app can track your cycling distance and calculate your cycling average for the day, week, month, and year. Open the Health app, and then tap Health Data. Tap Fitness.

How do I open a GPX file on my iPhone?

You can import GPX files from anywhere in iOS, e.g. from email attachments, the Files app, or Safari. This usually happens via the “Open in…” menu. For example, tap a GPX file in an email attachment, select Open in… and then tap Trails. Trails will be launched and will import the GPX file automatically.

How can I track my bike ride distance from my phone?

Bikemap. Bikemap is an iPhone and Android app that offers route planning, navigation, real-time updates and plenty more. In our experience, it’s a good alternative to Strava or Komoot for route planning and offers more for free, though both Strava and Komoot also have their own unique features.

Can I turn my iPhone into a bike computer?

So, can you use your iPhone as a bike computer? Yes, an iPhone can do everything a bike computer does and adds a little bit of convenience as well, but it does come with some downsides such as battery drain, and less weatherproofing and durability.

What app uses GPX file?

ViewRanger is popular GPS app for both iPad, iPhone and Android devices. It allows importing of GPX files (including synchronisation with Dropbox, which is very handy). It has a good selection of free and paid-for base mapping.

Can you upload a GPX file to Apple Maps?

Quote from video: Following a GPS route on an iPhone is easy simply email yourself the GPX file and then open it up inside your email in your iPhone.

Can I use Google maps to track my bike ride?

Google Maps includes a bicycling view that will add cycling-specific information to the main map. To access this view, first, click on the menu icon. Click this menu icon to open up some of Google Maps’ features. Next, click on the word “bicycling” to add the aforementioned bicycling information to the main map.

Does Waze do bike routes?

They describe it as “Waze for bikes” – it’s a mapping app that offers turn-by-turn directions, but it also invites users to evaluate streets along the way to to inform future route recommendations for others.

Is Strava free on iPhone?

Yes, Strava is a free app and there is no cost to record and share your activities. To make the most of Strava, explore a Strava subscription and the extra features we offer. Was this article helpful?

How do I import a GPX file into Google Maps on Iphone?

Quote from video: File head to And open the map that you want to add the file to or click the red button labeled create a new map. Once the map has loaded.

Can I import GPX into Google Maps?

All you have to do is upload your GPX file, select Google Maps as the output format, and then select Map it. In seconds, you’ll have a KML file available. After your file is converted, download it and follow the steps for uploading a file to Google Maps as detailed above.

What is the best GPX?

Best gpx tracks apps for android

  • Strava.
  • MapMyRun.
  • Locus Map Pro.
  • MapFactor GPS Navigation Maps.
  • OsmAnd.
  • CoPilot GPS.

How do I open a GPX file on my phone?

Open GPX file in the OsmAnd app

OsmAnd has built the GPX file import feature directly into the app:. Now the Android file manager will open and you can select your GPX file. A Android GPX Viewer is built in: The imported route can be displayed directly on the map. GPS Track Navigation is also possible with OsmAnd.

How do I import a GPX file into Google Maps on iPhone?

Quote from video: File head to And open the map that you want to add the file to or click the red button labeled create a new map. Once the map has loaded.

How do I open a GPX file in Google Maps?

Importing and Symbolizing a GPX File

  1. Log into Google Drive, and create NEW, MY MAPS.
  2. Download the GPX file from your smartphone app. …
  3. Select Import and upload the GPX file from your computer.
  4. The default blue symbolization will generally be good, although you can change the color if you want something different.

Can you import GPX files into Google Maps?

Importing Routes From GPX Files to Google Maps

If you have created or acquired some routes in GPX format and want to put them on a Google Map, you cannot do this directly but need to convert them to a KML file first (which Google Maps can import). One way of doing this easily is via Google Earth.

What is a GPX file and how do I open it?

GPX stands for GPS Exchange Format file. If you open a raw GPX file, you will see lots of lines of code (written in a coding language known as xml) full of GPS coordinates and data points. The code of a GPX file always consists of waypoints, routes and tracks.

Can you export Strava route to Google Maps?

It’s pretty simple, first paste the Strava ride page link into It will generate a gpx file link out of the Strava ride page. Then paste that “download gpx file” link into the Google Maps search field, it will then create the map for it in Google Maps.