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Installation issues using new Shimano EP8 motor and cycling computer and Di2

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Asked by: Stacey Thomsen

Can you Derestrict Shimano EP8?

Derestric Shimano EP8

The cheapest and easiest way to de-limit the EP8 motor is by using the eTuning app. Only for a price of just about 20€ you can remove the 25 km/h limit in minutes. You only need an Android phone or iPhone and connect by bluetooth to the bike.

What is the remedy if you see an E012 error on a Shimano steps head unit when switching it on?

E012 – Initialization of torque sensor failed

Power assistence is not provided during riding. Remedy: With your foot off the pedal, press the power switch of the battery to turn on the power again. Refer to ‘Measuring and adjusting the chain tension’, then check that the chain tension is appropriate.

How many watts is the Shimano EP8?

Compact and light for maximum trail performance

MOTOR: Mid-drive motor, 250 Watt | 85 Nm
BATTERY CAPACITY: 756 Wh (2x 378 Wh T.E.C.)
CHARGING TIME: approx. 3 hours per battery
CONTROLS: Coloured, compact Shimano EP8 display, easy operation via ergonomic Shimano Firebolt Remote lever

How do you turn on a Shimano E bike?

In order to turn on the system, you simply hold down the power button located on the battery, shown below. When it turns on, the lights on the front of the battery will illuminate to indicate battery level, and the display on the handlebar will light up with the “Shimano Steps” logo.

Does St unlocker work with EP8?

*** EP8 RS is a regular EP8 motor with software power & torque limitations. It has the same firmware as a regular EP8. The ST UNLOCKER app is compatible with most Android devices that have Bluetooth and Android version 5.0 or newer installed. Follow the steps below to connect the ST UNLOCKER app to your E-Bike.

How fast is a Shimano EP8?

Quote from video: All right here we are with the ep8 after the speed. Test. If you can tell on the footage it's a bit hard to see the gps. And particularly the small shimano display on the display we got to about 48 ks

What does Error 22 mean on an electric bike?

throttle issue

July 02, 2020 16:43. An Error 22 on the LCD display often indicates a throttle issue. On an LED display, Pedal Assist Level “1” will flash to display an Error 22.

What does Error 30 mean on a ebike?

A connector check should be performed if the LCD display shows an “Error 30” code. Checking that all connectors are secure and undamaged can help diagnose electrical issues and make sure your ebike is safe and fun to ride.

What does E10 mean on a ebike?

Shimano error codes

Error code Cause
E10 A system error has occurred
E20 A communication error has occurred between the battery and motor
W012 The crank was installed the wrong way around or at the wrong angle to the drive unit

How much torque does Shimano EP8 have?


The Shimano Steps EP8 motor has a maximum torque output of 85Nm with the power delivery being direct but incredibly smooth to ensure you are in full control with a natural ride feeling.

Does Shimano EP8 have walk mode?

SHIMANO EP8 makes assist modes simple, practical and personal. Simply switch between modes, activate the new, refined intelligent walk assist mode, or select highly customisable settings. Get the right power at the right time, with rider-friendly tuning on the fly. It’s all at the tip of your fingers!

Can you buy Shimano steps motor?

You can buy a SHIMANO STEPS equipped bike at your preferred SHIMANO STEPS dealer. Find dealers here.

How do you Derestrict an e bike?

Quote from video: And we have the magnet on the wheel. And this is just like any speed sensor it tells the computer exactly how fast the bike is going and so once it reaches 18 miles an hour that's when it cuts out.

What is Shimano E tube?

Quote from video: Похожие запросы

How do I reset my Shimano battery?

Quote from video: Once the connection is made the light on your charger should turn red this signals that the battery is taking a charge hold the wires in place for 15 seconds in order to reset the BMS.

What is Shimano E tube?

What is E-Tube? Shimano E-Tube software connects you to your bike. It allows you to get the most out of your riding experience. E-Tube Project. Shimano E-Tube Project allows you to wirelessly customize your settings, update firmware, and identify and fix any errors.

How does a speed sensor work on ebike?

Speed sensors

A speed sensor provides thrust to your electric bike as soon as you start pedaling. Once you begin, it continues to assist you based on your selected setting. This flexibility means you can use your ebike to exercise, or simply cruise around with little physical effort.

What is the best cadence for an ebike?

around 75 pedal strokes per minute

Optimal cadence

Most motors are at their most efficient with around 75 pedal strokes per minute. The fewer pedal strokes and slower the cadence, the earlier your ride will come to an end.

Which is better torque or cadence?

Cadence sensing pedal assist is overall a more primitive technology that has far less benefits than torque sensing. A bike with torque sensing assist will not only ride smoother, your battery power will last much longer. Bikes with torque sensing are often more expensive.