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How do you reattach a sink drain plug?

2 min read

Asked by: Jennifer Ward

How do I put the drain plug back in my sink?

In the opening in the back of the the pipe there. So now we are going to insert the new pit rod into the back of the pipe. You'll want to test to make sure that it actually goes into one of the holes.

How do you reattach a drain plug in a bathroom sink?

Look under the sink and push back the pivot to engage it with the hold at the stopper’s bottom. Then, tighten up the retaining nut while the stopper is in the up position. You can also loosen the clevis set screw and tweak the strap up and down until it moves the pivot rod to move the stopper.

How do you fix a detached sink stopper?

Okay now this piece called a tail piece is threaded into the cast piece above okay and i don't really care about that so i'm going to use my pliers. And just back it out.

How do you put a pop up plug back together?

So to put that back on again you put in the screw of the spring. You put in this plunger. And lock it with that your that that screw so it doesn't come off again okay.

How do you replace a kitchen sink stopper?

Place the rubber gasket on the underside of the drain. And place a cardboard gasket on the rubber ring. Then place the strainer nut on the drain.

Can you replace a pop up sink plug?

Pop up sink plugs can be removed and replaced easily. For more complex installations, use an adjustable wrench or wrench.

How do you fix a pop-up drain?

So you can see exactly what needs to be done lift strap pivot rod and spring clip remove the pop-up plug loosen the slip nut that fastens a tail piece to the p-trap.

Why won’t my pop-up plug stay down?

If the stopper moves as it should but doesn’t stay put, all you need to do is tighten the nut (turn it clockwise). If the action is too stiff, loosen the nut a little. Check the action and adjust until it feels about right.