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Does YMCA offer swim lessons?

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Asked by: Matt Ballard

At the YMCA, our swim programs teach safety, skill and how to enjoy water activities for a lifetime.

How much is a swimming lesson?

According to data by, the average cost of private swim lessons can range from $20 to $60 per lesson.

What age is best for swimming lessons?

By their 4th birthday, most children are ready for swim lessons. At this age, they usually can learn basic water survival skills such as floating, treading water and getting to an exit point. By age 5 or 6, most children in swim lessons can master the front crawl.

How much are swimming lessons in NY?

Average drop-in fees for infant group swimming lessons can range between $15 and $25, depending on the school. Average drop-in fees for private instruction may range between $30 and $60. Average monthly tuition for private instruction could range from $150 to $250 or more, depending on the swimming school.

How much are swimming lessons in Florida?


20 Minute Lessons 30 Minute Lessons
1 Lesson $45 $55
6 Lessons $80 $245
12 Lessons $315 $435
* Add $25/lesson for travel to your home or community pool.

What are the steps to swimming?

‍Just 4 easy steps to learn swimming for beginners

  1. ‍Step 1: Feel the Water.
  2. Step 2: Blow Bubbles Underwater.
  3. Step 3: Floating.
  4. ‍Step 4: Kicking.

How do I register for swim school in South Africa?

Swim Schools/centres are invited to complete an on online registration posted on the Swimming South Africa website. The process will be managed using the following three phases: The on line registration. An online form, which will enable SSA to understand the day-to-day operations of the swim school.

Can I put a 3 month old in the pool?

From about 2 months you can take them into a heated pool, but don’t keep them in the water for more than 10 minutes at first. If they start to shiver, take them out and wrap them in a towel. Babies under 12 months shouldn’t stay in a pool for more than 30 minutes.

Can I teach myself to swim?

It is possible to learn to swim by yourself. The shallow end of a swimming pool is a good place to learn to swim by yourself. Swimming involves breathing, kicking with your legs and stroking with your arms. These are things you can practice one at a time in shallow water.

Do babies know how do you swim?

Babies can start learning to swim around age 1, though they won’t master swimming skills until they’re at least 4 years old.

How long are swimming lessons for adults?

For adults who learn at a normal rate and don’t have any fear of water, around 20-25 hours of private lessons is usually sufficient to gain basic swimming skills. That translates to about a year of one 30 minute lesson per week.

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