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Will two spacers between the cassette and the hub effect the chain line?

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Asked by: Katherine Lewis

The spacers are to make sure there is significant compression, but because the cassette is still in the same spot relative to the drive side of the wheel the chainline shouldn’t change.Jun 4, 2015

Do you need spacers for cassette?

You don’t need the spacer. You are correct, it is intended for when you are using a narrower cassette. If you can torque the lock ring without the spacer it shouldn’t be used. It’s likely that your derailleur will have the range to suit if it worked with your 8 cog cassette, so you should be able to tune and go.
Jun 2, 2020

Where do bike cassette spacers go?

REMEMBER: These spacers go onto the freehub body before the cassette.

Do I need spacer for 10 speed cassette on 11 speed hub?

If you are currently running Sram 9 or 10 speed you will need to use this 1.8mm spacer behind the cassette. No Sram cassette requires the use of any additional spacers. If you are running Shimano or Sram 11 speed, the cassette will simply install directly on the freehub body with no spacers required.

Do you need spacer on 11 speed cassette?

Re: Shimano 11 speed cassette, spacer ring – is it required

If you have a ‘road’ 11s length freehub body then you do indeed need to use a spacer to fit CS-HG800-11 to it.
Apr 28, 2020

What are cassette spacers for?

Spacers for cobbling together or converting your old cassettes. Available in: 1.85mm (for 10-speed cassettes on 11-speed freehub bodies)

How do you put a spacer on a cassette?

Quote from video: You should be able to push up on like so and when it's on there. Obviously don't tip the wheel over X it will fall off. So tip the wheel back a bit you can get rid of the spacer.

Can I fit a 11 speed cassette on a 9 speed hub?

An 11-speed cassette will fit on a 9-speed hub only when the hub is wide enough. Luckily, 8,9,10 and 11-speed mountain bike hubs have the same spacing, and one can therefore use an 11-speed cassette on all of them.

Can I put an 11 speed cassette on a 10 speed hub road bike?

For nearly 20 years, the same Shimano-compatible rear wheel could utilize most any Shimano-standard 8, 9, or 10-speed cassette. However, recently, Shimano introduced 11-speed drivetrains. And, while these components work well, the new 11-speed cassettes won’t fit on these older 8/9/10-speed rear wheels.

Can I fit a 12-speed cassette on a 10 speed hub?

In addition to being able to fit our 12-speed cassettes on Shimano HG 10 and 11 speed freehubs, you can also convert the ROTOR 13-speed cassette into a 12-speed one and use it with your current wheels.
Mar 11, 2020

Can I fit a 10-speed cassette on a 9 speed hub?

You can put a new 10 or 11 speed cassette on any of the older 9 speed hubs. So, regardless of brand, feel free to buy your wheels a nicely upgraded new steed.

Can you put a 8 speed cassette on a 11 speed hub?

Condensed answer: An 8-speed cassette can be installed on an 11-speed hub. If the hub is designed for an MTB, the cassette should fit right away. If the hub is made for a road bike, a 1.85mm spacer will be needed for a secure fit.

Are 10-speed and 11 speed hubs the same?

The Shimano (and SRAM) 11-speed freehub is wider than the 10-speed one, because the 11-speed Shimano (and SRAM) cogset stack height is taller than 10-speed.

Can I put 7 speed cassette on 11-speed hub?

Condensed answer: A 7-speed cassette can be installed on an 11-speed hub. Since 7-speed cassettes are narrower than 11-speed cassettes, the installation will require the use of a spacer to make up for the gap left on the hub.

Can I put an 8 speed cassette on a 10 speed hub?

Yes, it will fit fine. 8,9,10spd freehubs are the same. If it’s road you’re talking about then you’ll need a 1mm spacer behind the cassette if it’s Shimano, if it’s MTB then it’ll go straight on.

Can I put an 8 speed cassette on a 9 speed hub?

Quote from video: People also ask

Do I need a spacer for a 9 speed cassette?

A 9-speed SRAM or Shimano cassette will require a 1.85mm spacer to be mounted securely on an 11-speed Shimano or SRAM road hub. A 9-speed Campagnolo cassette will fit on an 11-speed Campagnolo road hub without the need for a spacer.

Does 8 speed cassette need a spacer?

Without the spacer, you won’t be able to fully tighten the cassette. Also, the cassette will move across the freehub body and cause poor shifting experience and overall drivetrain instability.
Nov 29, 2021

Do SRAM 10 speed cassettes need a spacer?

For SRAM Eagle 12-speed 10-50T, Eagle 10-52T cassettes, or 11-speed 10-42T cassettes, you will need to install a 1.85mm spacer on the driver body before installing the cassette. For SRAM 12-speed road cassettes, no spacer is required.

Are all Shimano 10 speed cassettes compatible?

All Shimano and SRAM cassettes up to 10 speed are broadly compatible. They all use Shimano’s Hyperglide II freehub body spline pattern. Cassettes with the same number of sprockets have the same sprocket spacing, sprocket width and overall width.
Feb 7, 2020

Is 11/32 cassette Good for hills?

For hill climbing and mountainous terrain, we recommend a road cassette such as the 11-32T SRAM Red 22 XG1190 11 Speed Cassette (A2), or the 11-34T Shimano Ultegra R8000 11 Speed Cassette.

What cassette is best for climbing?

All other things being equal, the 34T sprocket on the 11-34T cassette is going to give you the easiest gear. If your bike is currently fitted with an 11-28T cassette, switching to an 11-34T cassette will make climbing less of a struggle.
Dec 6, 2016