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Why would someone steal my rear derailleur and hanger?

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Asked by: Julie Hansen

How do I protect my derailleur?

Quote from video: Cog then wrap the derailleur. And padding secure the padding with zip ties or tape to make sure it doesn't slip and expose your derailleur in transit.

What causes a rear derailleur hanger to break?

Some common reasons for it breaking are: Hitting an obstacle (e.g. tree branch) Going into the spokes (badly set low limit screw or the derailleur was wobbling enough for some reason to get caught in the spokes) Chain too short.

Do you need rear derailleur hanger?

Carrying a spare derailleur hanger will help you when you’re at a loose end. You wouldn’t think a derailleur hanger would be such a crucial and essential part on a bike. Not many people know how important they actually are, but they help protect your bike frame from being damaged by snapping.

Do all bikes need a derailleur hanger?

Not only do you need a derailleur hanger, but for many cyclists it’s also worth carrying a spare one. Whether you’re on a touring adventure, a weekend ride or just commuting to and from work, having a spare derailleur hanger can save you from being late or having to walk your bike.

What is a derailleur guard?

The Rear Derailleur Guard is designed to protect the bicycle’s rear derailleur and hanger from damage when transporting the bike in a car, shipping in a box or bike case, or while in storage.

How do you remove a rear derailleur?

Quote from video: Put the mech to the smallest sprocket using your sti's. Pull the cable crimp off the end of the inner cable using some pliers then undo the cable crimper bolt by unscrewing it anti-clockwise.

Does a bent derailleur hanger affect gear changes?

You can certainly ride your bike with a bent hanger, but shifting will be suboptimal and there is a risk of further damage to the bike. At the very least, you will have drivetrain noise in some gears, or your chain will skip in certain gears or shift more than one gear at once.

Can a rear derailleur be fixed?

Some problems can be repaired trailside while others require parts and tools most riders don’t commonly carry. Your bike’s drivetrain is really a simple system, and if you know what to look for, you can easily repair your derailleur yourself.

How much does it cost to fix a bent derailleur?

If you take your MTB into a local bike shop the average price to replace a rear derailleur is going to be $110. If you DIY replacing a derailleur will cost about $50 (plus your time) This price will depend a lot on the actual derailleur needed. Usually a bike shop will also take care of other problems.

How important is a derailleur hanger?

Derailleur hangers (also known as hanger dropouts) are bike components that are screwed on the frame’s rear ends, in order to be joined to the derailleur itself. They have a very basic, and important, function – keeping the derailleur in place and preventing it from breaking in the event of an impact.

What is a bike dropout?

A fork end, fork-end, or forkend is a slot in a bicycle frame or bicycle fork where the axle of a bicycle wheel is attached. A dropout is a type of fork end that allows the rear wheel to be removed without first derailing the chain.

How does a rear derailleur get bent?

Getting Started

A misaligned derailleur hanger will often result in poor shifting performance. A common cause of a misaligned hanger is from the bike falling over to the right side. This pushes the derailleur body inward, bending the hanger. It is often possible to repeatedly re-bend many derailleur hangers.

Is a spoke Guard necessary?

Quote from video: So the answer to the question is no you don't need it throw it away.

How do you pronounce rear derailleur?

Quote from video: Gmail o reilly gmail o radio de bailar o grady de bail o grady.

What is a rear derailleur?

The rear derailleur is the mechanism that shifts the chain at the rear sprockets. There are many different models but they all share the same basic design and functionality. Derailleurs are secured to the bike with a mounting bolt to the frame’s derailleur hanger.

How do you pronounce rear derailleur?

Quote from video: Gmail o reilly gmail o radio de bailar o grady de bail o grady.

How do I remove derailleur shipping?

Quote from video: So you have a bag or a ziplock bag or something ready you put that in there I'll just take it away from the frame banging on the frame. Then you might get some tape tape it up so just a rattle.

How does a derailleur work?

Quote from video: With electronic shifting systems an electrical signal triggers a motor to move the linkage. There is no cable. Involved in these systems a derailleur cable passes through the housing to a shift lever.

How long does a rear derailleur last?

Good quality rear derailleur can last between 3 to 5 years, when unbranded or low-quality ones can last for 2 years, no matter what the durability of the rear derailleur the jockey wheel will wear after time and it can be replaced very cheaply with new ones, on the other hand, front derailleur can last almost

How much is a derailleur?

There can be a range of prices for replacement derailleurs, starting around $20 and going all the way up to $700.