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Why is subtropical high?

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Asked by: Michelle Cooper

During the Northern Hemisphere’s summer, the oceans are generally cooler compared to the warmer continents. In turn, cooler, denser maritime air that overlies the oceans serves to boost surface pressures, paving the way for relatively robust subtropical highs during summer.

Why do subtropical areas have high pressure?

As the air moves towards the subtropics i.e. 30° N and 30° S, the air descends over the oceans and creates a high pressure zone.

Are subtropical highs high pressure?

subtropical high, one of several regions of semipermanent high atmospheric pressure located over the oceans between 20° and 40° of latitude in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres of the Earth.

Where does subtropical high occur?

The subtropical high pressure belt (STHP) lying between 30°-35° North and South of Equator1, is a region in the subtropics of consistently dry, warm, and sunny weather2. The high pressure systems over the subtropical oceans are known as subtropical highs3.

Why is sub tropical belt a high pressure belt?

Sub-tropical High Pressure belt is located between 300N to 350N and 300S to 350S. As the air at the equator move toward the Poles, it begins to cool and sink down at about 300 North and South of the Equator. This creates the areas of high air pressure.

How are the subtropical highs formed?

Rising air in the Hadley cell along the equator produces deep clouds, thunderstorms, and rain in a band of low pressure called the Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ). Sinking air near 30° latitude causes high pressure areas called the subtropical highs.

What causes a high-pressure area?

Areas of high and low pressure are caused by ascending and descending air. As air warms it ascends, leading to low pressure at the surface. As air cools it descends, leading to high pressure at the surface.

Is the subtropical high thermal or dynamic?

The subtropical highs at about 30 degrees latitude are dynamically consistent with upper-tropospheric convergence at those latitudes.

What is another name for the subtropical high and why is it called that?

The horse latitudes are the latitudes about 30 degrees north and south of the Equator. They are characterized by sunny skies, calm winds, and very little precipitation. They are also known as subtropical ridges, or highs. It is a high-pressure area at the divergence of trade winds and the westerlies.

Why does sub polar have low-pressure?

In the Subpolar region around latitudes 60° to 65° North and South of the Equator, the rotation of the earth pushes up the bulk of the air towards the Equator, creating a low-pressure belt in this region.

Why does equator have low pressure?

A. Equatorial regions is hotter and the air above expands, becomes less dense and rises. This produces a low pressure belt at this latitude.