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Why did the French attack Puebla?

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Asked by: James Stone

Battle of Puebla, (May 5, 1862), battle fought at Puebla, Mexico, between the army of the liberal government headed by Benito JuárezBenito JuárezIn 1858 a coup by conservative forces sent Mexico’s president into exile, but Juárez succeeded him and headed a liberal government that opposed the regime installed by the conservatives. After three years of civil war, the liberals prevailed. Juárez was elected president in 1861 and twice reelected.

Why did the French attack Mexico on Cinco de Mayo?

European troops invaded because Mexico was broke.
The sale of expropriated church property brought very little relief. As a result, newly elected President Juárez suspended payment of all foreign debt for two years, a move that prompted an immediate backlash from Spain, France and Great Britain.

Why did the French attack Mexico in 1862?

The Second French Intervention in Mexico (Spanish: Segunda intervención francesa en México), also known as the Second Franco-Mexican War, 1861–1867; was an invasion of Mexico, launched in late 1862 by the Second French Empire, which hoped to replace the Mexican Republic with a monarchy favorable to French interests.

Why did French invade Mexico?

1861-1867. The Second French intervention in Mexico began in December 1861, when Emperor Napoleon III invaded Mexico on the pretext that Mexico had refused to pay its foreign debt, though, in reality, the Emperor wanted to take advantage of the American Civil War to expand his empire in Latin-America.

Why was the Battle of Puebla so important?

The retreat of the French troops at the Battle of Puebla represented a great moral victory for the people of Mexico, symbolizing the country’s ability to defend its sovereignty against a powerful foreign nation.

Why did the French army attack the Mexican army in the Battle of Puebla?

The French intervention in Mexico, initially supported by the United Kingdom and Spain, was a consequence of Mexican President Benito Juárez’s imposition of a two-year moratorium of loan-interest payments from July 1861 to French, British, and Spanish creditors.

What happened in the Battle of Puebla?

An elite French military force headed for Mexico City was stopped on May 5, 1862, at Puebla, a city about 80 miles southeast of the capital city. The Mexican forces were led by Texas-born general Ignacio Zaragoza. Working with a ragtag army, he defeated the superior French forces.

When did France invade Mexico?

In one of the stranger wars of modern times, the Second French Empire landed its troops in Mexico in 1861 — which was the beginning of a bloody war that would drag on for another six years.

Why did France leave Mexico?

Stiff Mexican resistance caused Napoleon III to order French withdrawal in 1867, a decision strongly encouraged by a United States recovered from its Civil War weakness in foreign affairs.

Were Mexicans well prepared for the Battle of Puebla?

The Mexicans were not well-prepared for the Battle of Puebla in terms of manpower and supplies. They were outnumbered with approximately 4,500 total

What did the Battle of Puebla inspire?

Despite their eventual defeat, the Mexican victory at Puebla inspired a national day of celebration best known as Cinco de Mayo. In 1867, after French troops left the country, the Mexicans were able to defeat the forces of Emperor Maximilian and fully restore power to the Juárez administration.

What would have happened if the French won the Battle of Puebla?

“If Mexico had not defeated the French in Puebla on May 5, 1862, France would have gone to the aid of the Confederacy. The U.S. Civil War and the destiny of the United States and the freedom of its people may have been different.”