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Why did Houston’s on Westheimer close?

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Asked by: Jessica Lovstad

14): Jessica Treadway, a member of guest services at Hillstone Restaurant Group, which operates the Houston’s brand, responded that “circumstances beyond our reasonable control prevented us from operating to our standards at Houston’s on Westheimer.” The Kirby location will remain open, and Hillstone hopes “to continue …

Why did Houston’s restaurant closed?

According to the restaurant (owned by Hillstone Restaurant Group,) the reason for the closure is due to “failed lease negotiations.” However, further reporting by Tomorrow’s News Today seems to indicate this may not be the case. A source used in the story claims Houston’s owns the Lenox Road property.

What happened to the Houston’s restaurant in Houston?

HOUSTON — The upscale California-based Houston’s Restaurant chain closed one of its two locations in the Houston area over the weekend. The restaurant’s owner, Hillstone, posted the following message on its website: “After nearly 40 years of service, the Houston’s on Westheimer Road has now closed.

Did Houston’s restaurant changed its name?

In 2010, Houston’s shocked us all by changing its name to Hillstone. Five years later, the rebrand is still difficult to internalize. “We have a lot of regular guests that have grown up calling it Houston’s,” Hillstone Service Manager Laura Lewallen says.

Who bought Houston’s restaurant?

Houston’s Restaurant is part of a group of upscale American casual dining restaurants, owned by Hillstone Restaurant Group, whose main corporate headquarters is in Phoenix, Arizona.
Houston’s Restaurant.

Type Wholly owned subsidiary
Parent Hillstone Restaurant Group, Inc.

Is Houston’s now Hillstone?

The change began over three months ago when Houston’s, the restaurant group that owns the New York steakhouses as well as about 50 other restaurants across the country, changed their name to Hillstone. Since then a new website launched and the New York Houston’s began their rebranding process.

When did Houston’s in Nashville close?

The brand got its start in Nashville, Tennessee, where its first restaurant opened in 1976. The company closed that location in 2005. The Metairie location opened in 1981.

Who owns honor bar?

Since 1977, Hillstone has created restaurants that seek to enliven the senses through inspired settings, graceful service, and cuisine that simply tastes delicious.

Why did Houston’s in Manhattan Beach close?

The main chef and co-owner said both the pandemic and the aging building put a strain on the family business. The main chef and co-owner said both the pandemic and the aging building put a strain on the family business.

How many restaurants does Houston have?

With 10,000 restaurants representing cuisine from more than 70 countries and American regions, Houston’s restaurant scene is as ethnically diverse as its more than 6-million residents. With so many options, it’s not surprising that visitors leave the city with plenty of good things to say about dining in Houston.

How did Houston’s restaurant get its name?

They brought in a minority partner to open their first restaurant in Nashville, which they named Houston’s in reference to their native state of Texas.

Who owns BrickTop’s?

Customer confusion over the locations prompted BrickTop’s founder and owner Joe Ledbetter to make the change, she says.

Who is Hillstone owned by?

George Biel

CEO/Owner/Founder, Hillstone Restaurant Group Inc.