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Who wrote Waterland?

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Asked by: William Bennett

When was the Waterland written?

Waterland (novel)

First edition
Author Graham Swift
Language English
Publisher William Heinemann
Publication date 1983

Is Graham Swift titled?

Some of Swift’s books have been filmed, including Waterland (1992), Shuttlecock (1993) and Last Orders (1996).

Graham Swift
Born 4 May 1949 London, England
Occupation Novelist
Nationality English
Notable works Shuttlecock, Waterland, Last Orders

Which Graham Swift book won the Booker Prize?

Last Orders

Swift’s sixth novel, Last Orders (1996), which won the Booker Prize for Fiction and the James Tait Black Memorial Prize (for fiction), recounts a journey begun in a pub in London’s East End by four friends intent on fulfilling a promise to scatter the ashes of their dead drinking-partner in the sea.

Did Flaubert have a parrot?

While trying to identify which is authentic, Braithwaite learns that Flaubert’s parrot could be any one of fifty (“Une cinquantaine de perroquets!”, p. 187) that had been held in the collection of the municipal museum.

Who is Graham Swift artist?

Graham Swift (Born 1973) is an artist who lives and works in London. Graham has always been drawn back to the human form. Self portraiture having been his main focus in the last few years. His fascination with the complexity of the self image explores it’s truly exposed nature.