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Who sponsors Klay Thompson?

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Asked by: Steve Stinson

AntaWaiakea Water, Bevel and NERF. Thompson has a ten-year deal with Chinese shoe brand Anta worth $80 million before bonuses and royalties.

Is Klay still with Anta?

Klay Thompson is finally back with the Warriors, but his Anta signature shoes are still impossible to find. Here’s why. Klay Thompson is finally back with the Warriors, but his Anta signature shoes are still impossible to find.

What brand of shoes does Klay Thompson wear?

ANTA KT 7 Shoes

The sneaker that Klay Thompson wore after 941-days on the injury list was his signature ANTA KT 7.

Is Anta good brand?

For players who have not yet tried to play in other basketball shoes besides those from big brands such as Adidas and Nike, the Anta KT3 is a good place to start as the shoe provides great traction, no-nonsense fit, an effective cushioning set-up, and a premium upper that is worth the shoe’s $120 price point.

Who is sponsored by Anta?

Mann joins a list of NBA players who have signed with Anta that includes Klay Thompson, Gordon Hayward, and Rajon Rondo. The brand is a Chinese sports equipment corporation based in Jinjiang. While Anta has picked up some marquee NBA players in recent years, one of their first big signings was Kevin Garnett in 2010.

What shoe company is Dwyane Wade with?


Dwyane Wade took a gamble in 2012, leaving a signature shoe deal with Jordan Brand at the height of his career to sign with Li-Ning.

Who wears Anta shoes in the NBA?

Which NBA players have signature shoes with Anta? Klay Thompson, Gordon Hayward and Rajon Rondo went overseas to get their signature shoe lines. The two players have deals with Anta, a Chinese sports equipment company. Thompson signed with the company in 2014, while Hayward joined in 2018.

Why did Dwyane Wade leave Jordan?

The reason for Wade’s move is simple enough. Wade’s deal with Li-Ning could one day make him one of the richest athletes in the world. At least that’s the vision. Wade has reportedly been given equity in the company and, of course, a multimillion, multiyear deal that will pad his pockets well into retirement.

What shoes does Melo ball wear?

LaMelo Ball just used his appearance at the 2021 NBA Summer League to debut his first signature shoe with Puma. Ball was spotted wearing the Puma MB1 for the first time yesterday while sitting courtside to watch his Charlotte Hornets squad take on the Portland Trailblazers.

Does Ja Morant have his own shoe brand?

Morant signed a deal with Nike ahead of the 2019 NBA draft and has led several campaigns for the brand, such as the Nike Adapt BB shoe and his own commercial this season.

What shoe does Luka doncic wear?

Jordan Luka 1 shoe

Luka Doncic just became the latest Jordan Brand athlete with a signature basketball shoe. Following initial reports have surfaced last month that the Dallas Mavericks star is getting his own signature shoe soon, the sportswear brand has unveiled Doncic’s Jordan Luka 1 shoe.

What shoes does Desmond Bane wear?

Desmond Bane is an American guard on the Memphis Grizzlies and wears Nike Kyrie Low 4 shoes. He was drafted 30th overall in 2020 out of TCU.

Does Zach LaVine have his own shoe?

LaVine, who had a multi-year contract with Adidas expire in 2021, sampled a litany of different shoes during the 2021-22 season. But ultimately he lands with a brand that is growing, having inked high-profile names such as Kawhi Leonard and Dejounte Murray, a childhood friend of LaVine’s, in recent years.

What shoes does Anthony Edwards wear?

Drafted first overall in 2020, Anthony Edwards signed a shoe deal with Adidas in late 2020, and now typically wears the Crazy BYW X 2.0, after having worn Dame 6s in his rookie season. While at Georgia, Edwards wore Nike Zoom Freak 1 shoes on the NCAA hardcourt.

What shoes does JA Morant wear?

Nike Kobe 8

As you can tell, Morant isn’t afraid to experiment within his sneaker rotation. The perks of being a Nike athlete matched with the freedom of not having his own shoe has allowed him to play in anything and everything with a Swoosh.

What shoes does Jimmy Butler wear?

Miami Heat’s Jimmy Butler Unveils First Li-Ning Shoe

  • Corey Holmes.
  • Jan 24, 2022.

What shoes do Tyler Herro wear?

Tyler Herro is an American guard on the Miami Heat and primarily wears Nike PG5 shoes this season, after donning Kobes in previous years. The former Rookie-of-the-Year candidate was drafted 13th overall in 2019 out of Kentucky, where he was known to wear earlier versions of the Nike PG shoes.

What shoes does Devin Booker wear?

Devin Booker, the former Kentucky Wildcats standout, was awarded his first player exclusive for the Nike Zoom Rev in 2017. This season, he’s wearing the Nike Kobe 4 Protro after dabbling with the Kobe 5 Protro earlier in the season.