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Who presented something for the weekend?

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Asked by: Cassandra Holmes

Denise van OutenDenise van Outen.

Where is Sunday brunch filmed?

studio TC2

studio TC2 is home to Sunday Brunch. The three-hour show, produced by Remarkable Television, broadcasts live every Sunday throughout the year at Television Centre.

Who presents Sunday Brunch with Simon Rimmer?

Tim Lovejoy

They’re one of the small screen’s most beloved presenting pairs, so fans will be pleased to hear Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer have no plans to retire just yet. Chef Rimmer, 58, and TV presenter Lovejoy, 53, are celebrating 10 years of hosting Channel 4’s popular live morning show, Sunday Brunch.

Where is Simon rimmers house?

He currently lives in Manchester with his wife Ali, their two children, their dog Cali and cat Glinda. In an interview with the Daily Express in July 2020, Rimmer said that the best day of his life was the birth of his kids, saying “when you’re handed your child and you become a parent, it’s the most amazing moment.”

Does Simon Rimmer own Rudy’s Pizza?

Mission Mars also own Rudy’s Pizza on Castle Street
The group’s food menus are overseen by executive chef Simon Rimmer, of Sunday Brunch fame. Mission Mars also operate Trof, Deaf Institute, Albert Hall and Gorilla in Manchester.