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Who played teaspoon in young riders?

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Asked by: Jason Finley

Who were the original young riders?

On MGM Television’s The Young Riders, which aired from 1989-92, Suhor portrayed Louise McCloud, who disguised herself as a man to become a rider for the Pony Express. The series also featured Josh Brolin (as Wild Bill Hickok), Stephen Baldwin (Buffalo Bill Cody), Melissa Leo and Anthony Zerbe.

Is young riders based on a true story?

The Young Riders is an American western television series created by Ed Spielman that presents a fictionalized account of a group of young Pony Express riders (some of whom are young versions of legendary figures in Old West history) based at the Sweetwater Station in the Nebraska Territory during the years leading up

Why did Travis Fine leave The Young Riders?

Fine left the show early in the third and last season, when his character was killed trying to protect the girl that he loved (portrayed by guest actress Kelli Williams (Medical Investigation, The Practice)).

Who played Hickok in young riders?

Josh Brolin

Josh Brolin: James Butler Hickok
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Was Wild Bill Hickok a Pony Express rider?

Another rider for the Pony Express was Wild Bill Hickok, a friend and mentor of Buffalo Bill.

Who played Ambrose on young riders?

Fisher Stevens

The Young Riders (TV Series 1989–1992) – Fisher Stevens as Ambrose ‘Bulldog’ Merryweather – IMDb.

Who played Frank James on young riders?

Jamie Walters

Jamie Walters is also featured as Jesse’s brother Frank James. And one of the original six Riders dies in a powerful episode.

Who played Lou on young riders?

The large ensemble cast included Anthony Zerbe, Stephen Baldwin and Josh Brolin. Suhor’s character, Lou, disguised herself as a man to join the Pony Express riders and later shared a romance with The Kid, played by Ty Miller.

Who played Colter on young riders?

William Shockley

The Young Riders (TV Series 1989–1992) – William Shockley as Jake Colter – IMDb.

Was Billy the Kid a Pony Express rider?

Billy came to the United States with his parents as a young boy. After a few years, he and his brother were hired by Russell, Majors and Waddell as bullwackers. Later they were sent west to help build stations for the Pony Express.

Who was the most famous Pony Express rider?

Although a financially disastrous brief enterprise, the Pony Express and its most famous riders, such as William (“Buffalo Bill”) Cody and Robert (“Pony Bob”) Haslam, captured the national imagination as one of the most daring and colourful episodes in the history of the American West.

What killed the Pony Express?

The company had spent its brief history bridging the gap between the Eastern and Western telegraph lines, but it was finally rendered obsolete on October 24, 1861, when Western Union completed the transcontinental telegraph line at Salt Lake City. The Pony Express ceased service just two days later.

Who was the youngest Pony Express rider?

Bronco Charlie

Meet “Bronco Charlie” – The Youngest Pony Express rider was “Bronco Charlie.” He was only 11 years old when he rode for the Pony Express. He replaced a rider who had been attacked by Native Americans. Before the stationkeepers could stop him, Charlie was on his horse and riding off with the mail.

Who was the oldest Pony Express rider?

One of the oldest was 45-year old Major Howard Egan, who also worked as a station keeper. The Pony Express ran year-round and ’round the clock, along a route that connected California and Missouri, through Utah, Nebraska, and Kansas.

Who was the last living Pony Express rider?

The last living rider was John Jackson, who died on a ranch in Nevada at the age of 106. The most famous ride was made by “Pony Bob”, Robert Haslam, on his route from Smith’s Creek to Fort Churchill in Nevada.