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Who is the kite maker?

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Asked by: Jimmy Omaha

What is the name of The Kite Maker?

Now everyone hurried, hurried in a heat of hope, and delicate (भद्र, नाजुक) things like kites and daydreams were trampled (रौंद दी गयीं) underfoot (पैरों तले). Mahmood, the kite-maker, had been well known throughout (पूरे) the city in the prime (आरम्भ, शरुआत) of his life.

Who is the central character of kite maker?

Srikumar Krishna Iyer This is a collection of stories, mostly from Bond’s own experience, where he is the hero himself, in few stories the respective characters take center stage, eg: in Kitemaker, obviously, the kitemaker is the protagonist..

What is the summary of The Kite Maker?

It is a story of Mehmood, an old man, expert in kite making. Mehmood feels nostalgic about his past. The writer compares Mehmood’s past happy kite making life to present unhappy retired life. The themes of the story are tradition, modern materialistic life, patronage of Arts.

What is the theme of kite maker?

In The Kitemaker by Ruskin Bond we have the theme of tradition, mortality, loneliness, happiness, independence, kindness, pride and change.

What is Gali Ram Nathan?

[5]There was but one tree in the street known as Gali ramnathan, ancient banyan that had grown through. the cracks of an abandoned mosque and little Ali’s kite had caught in its branches.

How did little Ali lose his kite?

In the short story “The Kite Maker” by Ruskin Bond, Ali lost his kite as it got stuck in the branches of the ancient banyan tree. … ‘There was but one tree in the street known as Gali Ram Nathan ancient banyan that had grown through the cracks of an abandoned mosque—and little Ali’s kite had caught in its branches.

Who made kites for Ali?

In ancient days, the Nawabs patronised kite producers. However, Mahmood was a poor man in those days. He creates kites for Ali, his grandson. He lost consciousness and died one day while he sat thinking of his magnificent old days and watching Ali fly kites.

Who wrote the short story The Kite Maker?

Ruskin Bond

Ruskin Bond wrote his first short story, ‘Untouchable’, at the age of sixteen in 1950. Since then he has written over a hundred stories, including the classics ‘A Face in the Dark’, ‘The Kitemaker’, ‘The Tunnel’ and ‘Time Stops at Shamli’.

What was the dragon kite?

Dragon kite was a clumsy plan. This kite was like a crawling serpent. It had some coloured discs, a fantastic painted face and two eyes made of mirror. A small twig was tied to it to keep it balanced.

What did Mehmood dream about often?

Explanation: The voices in the street grew fainter, and Mahmood wondered if he was going to fall asleep and dream, as he so often did , of beautiful, powerful kite resembling the great white bird of the Hindus, Garuda, God Vishnu’s famous steed. He would like to make a wonderful new kite for little Ali.

Where had Ali’s kite got caught?

branches of a banyan tree

Ali’s kite was caught in the branches of a banyan tree.

What did Mehmood do when Ali lost his kite?

What did Mehmood do when Ali lost his kite? (a) Mehmood felt sorry that he did not teach Ali how to fly a kite properly. He made a new kite from bamboo paper and thin silk, it lay in the sun, firming up. It was a pale pink kite, with a small green tail.

What happened to the dragon kite finally?

1 Answer. In the end dragon kite pulled off the string and vanished into the sky.

Why did no one visit Mahmood in his old age?

Most of his old friends had died. So no one visited Mahmood.

What did Mahmood wish to leave for Ali?

Mehmood feels himself growing tired and wonders if he’ll dream of the kite he wants to make, one that looks like a giant white bird. He should have something to leave Ali, he thinks. He hears Ali calling to him, but the boy’s voice sounds faint and far away.

What did the crowd believe the kite possessed?

(5) Everyone had, of course, heard of the ‘dragon kite’ that Mahmood had built, and word went round that it possessed supernatural powers. A large crowd assembled on the maidanto watch its first public launching in the presence of the Nawab.

What did the old man say when Ali told him about his lost kite?

1 Answer. When the old man heard that Ali had lost his kite, he told Ali that he had yet to learn how to fly a kite.

What are the major changes seen in the life of Mahmood The Kite Maker?

Major changes seen in the life of Mahmood, the kite maker.

He remembers how grown men happily flew kites during his days. Men these days hardly flew any kites because it was thought be a child’s activity. Mahmood then recalls how so many open spaces were there back then.

What happened to the torn kite in the Banyan tree Why does the writer and the story with this description?

1 Answer. The torn kite in the banyan tree was blown away in the sky by a gust of wind and disappeared. In the same way Mahmood also left for his heavenly abode. So, the writer also ends the story with this description.

Why do you think kite flying has been called a noble pastime?

(ii) Why do you think kite flying has been called a noble pastime? Ans: A large number of people gathered at the bank of river for kite-flying. In kite-flying the Nawab also took part with his attendants. In this way it was a noble pastime.

How was the dragon kite built?

He had just finished making a new kite from bamboo paper and thin silk, and it lay in the sun, firming up. It was a pale pink kite, with a small green tail. The old man handed it to Ali, and the boy raised himself on his toes and kissed his grandfather’s hollowed-out cheek.

Why did Mehmood make kites in this old age?

Answer. Explanation: Mehmood used to make kites for a living once upon a time. But as he grew older, fewer people were looking for kites and the long tradition of making kits which Mehmood made a living of eventually died.

What was the name of the special kite that Mehmood made at the request of the Nawab?

In “The Kite Maker,” Mehmood fulfills the Nawab’s request by making a fantastic dragon kite. He made the body of numerous paper discs on a bamboo frame.

Which kite did Muhammad make to his grandson?

Answer. Ans. At the request of the Nawab Mahmood had made a very special kind of kite. It consisted of a series of mall, very light paper discs trailing on a thin bamboo frame.

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