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Who is leaving Studio 10?

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Asked by: Alex Baca

Joe Hildebrand has decided to leave Studio 10. The Studio 10 co-hosts were all in tears this morning as Joe Hildebrand announced he was leaving the show. “I am leaving Studio 10,” Hildebrand, who been on the show since it started in 2013, said on air.

Is Sarah Harris in a relationship?

Sarah splits from husband Tom
Sarah Harris announced that she and her husband, Tom Ward, were ‘taking time apart’ in March 2021 in a statement to The Sydney Morning Herald. “Tom and I are taking time apart, however we remain good friends and deeply committed to co-parenting our two beautiful boys.”

Why has Joe left Studio 10?

‘The boring truth is the network just needed to cut costs and I quit rather than take on a lesser role,’ he explained. ‘But nobody would want to watch that, so tell the world I went out in a blaze of glory,’ he jokingly added.

Where is Sarah Harris living now?

In October 2017, Harris and Ward bought a $2.175 million home in Sydney’s North Shore.