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Who is Asafa Powell wife?

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Asked by: Christy Rogers

Where was alyshia Miller born?

Los Angeles, California

Early life and description. Miller was born in Los Angeles, California, to father Craig Miller.

Who is alyshia Powell?

The Ghanaian-English-Danish face — who is the wife of sprint sensation Asafa Powell — has cemented her status as a model both on and off the runway. Explore her off-duty style and her top five wardrobe essentials below. “My YSL and Prada wallet bags are definitely my favourite to carry.”

What does Asafa Powell wife do?

Alyshia Miller is a Canadian model. The two met in 2012 in Toronto, Canada. Asafa fell into Alyshia’s orbit when he was in the multicultural city for a track meet. She was accompanied to the event by her friend who, at the time, was head over heels in love with the athlete.

What nationality is Asafa Powell wife?


Catherine. He later died in hospital. Powell married Canadian model Alyshia Miller in 2019.

Where is alyshia Miller Powell from?

Alyshia Akua Miller was born in the capital city of Accra, Ghana. She was born to a Canadian father and a Ghanaian mother who hailed from the Central Region of Ghana.

Who is the richest athlete in Jamaica?

At the top of the list is Tim Duncan of the Virgin Islands who plays basketball for the San Antonio Spurs and has a net worth totaling US$150 million. He receives US$10 million per year and US$2 million from endorsements.

Who is Asafa Powell parents?

“I don’t believe that he went and buy it and take it like that,” said William Powell, Asafa’s father. “Somebody must be responsible for giving him that, and the person that give him must know that it is a banned substance … .

How much kids does Asafa Powell have?

I’ve got two beautiful children from my past and I love them to death. I take care of them fully; none a dem nah suffer. My kids are quite fine,” he declared. Aside from his daughter, Powell has a son that lives with his parents, while he shares another son with his wife, Alyshia Miller, who is currently pregnant.