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Who has won the most College Baseball World Series?

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Asked by: Marcy Hammond

Here are the programs with the most Men’s College World Series titles

  • University of Southern California has won 12 Men’s College World Series championships.
  • LSU and Texas are tied with 6 each.
  • Arizona State has won five.
  • Arizona, Cal State Fullerton, Miami and tied with 4.
  • Minnesota and Oregon State have each won three.

Who has won the College World Series the most times?

the University of Southern California

The leader in this category is the University of Southern California with 12 Men’s College World Series championships (1948, 1958, 1961, 1963, 1968, 1970-74, 1978 and 1998).

How many times has LSU won the College World Series?

LSU has won six national championships, appeared in eighteen College World Series and played in the NCAA Division I Baseball Championship thirty-two times. The Tigers baseball team has won seventeen SEC regular-season championships and twelve SEC Conference Tournament championships.

Has ole miss ever won the College World Series?

Ole Miss has never advanced past this point. Neither team has ever won a national championship in 17 combined College World Series appearances. The Razorbacks won 3-2 on Wednesday to force this winner-take-all game.

Where is the College World Series played 2022?

Omaha, Nebraska

The 2022 NCAA College World Series will be the final stage of the 2022 NCAA Division I Baseball Tournament. It will be held from June 17–27 at Charles Schwab Field Omaha. This will mark the 75th edition of the College World Series and 72nd time the event is being held in Omaha, Nebraska.

Is Stanford still in College World Series?

Auburn and Stanford have met four times in the College World Series. The Tigers have lost all four. They’ll try to reverse that trend in their second elimination game of this NCAA Tournament.

Has a college baseball team ever went undefeated?

Oregon State went undefeated through the College World Series, posting a 5-0 record. The Beavers, led by head coach Pat Casey, won all three games in their four-team bracket and then defeated North Carolina in two games in the best-of-three championship series.

Has there ever been an undefeated college baseball team?

Bottom Line: 1973 USC Trojans
USC went undefeated in the postseason in 1973. USC went 11-0 in the postseason on its run to the CWS title, sweeping its way through the Pac-8 playoffs, NCAA regional and CWS.

What is the best college baseball program?

Top Colleges in the U.S. for Men’s Baseball athletes

  • Vanderbilt University. Nashville, Tennessee. …
  • Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College. …
  • The University of Texas at Austin. …
  • Texas Christian University. …
  • Stanford University. …
  • Wake Forest University. …
  • Rice University. …
  • University of Miami.

Do they sell beer at the College World Series?

The NCAA has announced that alcohol will be sold during the games during the College World Series. As part of a pilot program, the NCAA will sell beer and wine at Women’s College World Series and College World Series.

What teams remain in College World Series?

Three SEC teams — Arkansas, Texas A&M and Ole Miss — are among the final four remaining this season, and the fourth team, Oklahoma, will join the league by the 2026 baseball season.

Who does Ole Miss play next in the College World Series?


Arkansas vs. Ole Miss: 2022 Men’s College World Series highlights (Game 1)

How many times has Ole Miss won the College World Series?

Ole Miss Rebels baseball

Ole Miss Rebels
Colors Cardinal red and navy blue
College World Series appearances
1956, 1964, 1969, 1972, 2014, 2022
NCAA regional champions

Who won Arkansas vs Ole Miss baseball?

the Razorbacks

Arkansas has forced an elimination game with a win against Ole Miss Wednesday evening. Hagen Smith led the way for the Razorbacks with five innings pitched and eight strikeouts. Brady Slavens made history during the fifth inning, crushing a 436-foot MCWS park-record home run.