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Who drafted ahead of KD?

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Asked by: Javier Harris

2007 NBA Draft Order – 1st Round

Rounds: 1 | 2
1 Portland Greg Oden – C
2 Seattle Kevin Durant – SF
3 Atlanta Al Horford – PF

Was Greg Oden better than KD?

Oden looked fantastic coming into the NBA, with better scores than Durant on the vertical leap, agility drill and three-quarter court sprint, but as it turns out, Barnes knew what he was talking about, and Durant has become one of the best players in the league—at any position.

Who was drafted ahead of Michael Jordan?

Akeem Olajuwon was selected 1st overall by the Houston Rockets. Michael Jordan was selected 3rd overall by the Chicago Bulls. Charles Barkley was selected 5th overall by the Philadelphia 76ers.

Was Kevin Durant drafted by the Seattle SuperSonics?

Durant was selected as the second overall pick in the 2007 NBA draft by the Seattle SuperSonics, after Greg Oden was selected by the Portland Trail Blazers with the first pick of the draft.

Was Kevin Durant a number one draft pick?

Another freshman, Kevin Durant, was drafted second overall from the University of Texas by the Seattle SuperSonics, and went on to win the Rookie of the Year Award for the 2007–08 season. Oden and Durant became the first freshmen to be selected with the top two picks in the draft.

Who went ahead of Durant?

2007 NBA Draft Order – 1st Round

Rounds: 1 | 2
1 Portland Greg Oden – C
2 Seattle Kevin Durant – SF
3 Atlanta Al Horford – PF

Who was picked before Steph Curry?


No. Team Player
4. Kings Tyreke Evans
5. Timberwolves Ricky Rubio
6. Timberwolves Jonny Flynn
7. Warriors Stephen Curry

Who did Portland draft instead of Jordan?

In the 1984 draft, the Portland Trailblazers drafted Sam Bowie, a 7’1 center/power forward from Kentucky with the second overall pick. The first pick was center Hakeem Olajuwon [then known as Akeem]. The third pick was Michael Jordan, a 6’6 swing player from North Carolina.

Who drafted ahead of Larry Bird?

Mychal Thompson was selected 1st overall by the Portland Trail Blazers. Larry Bird was selected 6th overall by the Boston Celtics. Jack Givens was selected 16th overall by the Atlanta Hawks.

Who was in Kyrie Irving draft class?

Draft selections

Round Pick Player
1 1 Kyrie Irving*~
1 2 Derrick Williams
1 3 Enes Kanter
1 4 Tristan Thompson

Who was picked before Aldridge?

2006 NBA Draft

1. Toronto Andrea Bargnani 6-11 240 PF Italy 1985
2. *Portland LaMarcus Aldridge 6-11 234 PF Tex. So.
3. Charlotte Adam Morrison 6-8 198 SF Gonzaga Jr.
4. *Chicago Tyrus Thomas 6-8 217 PF LSU Fr.
5. Atlanta Shelden Williams 6-9 258 PF/C Duke Sr.

Who was the best player in the 2007 NBA draft?

The 2007 NBA draft is most commonly known as the “Oden-Durant draft.” It was obvious throughout the previous college season that the top two picks would be Ohio State center Greg Oden and Texas forward Kevin Durant, with Oden the overwhelming favorite to go No. 1.

Who was drafted before Damian Lillard?

Anthony Davis was selected first by the New Orleans Hornets. Bradley Beal was selected third by the Washington Wizards. Damian Lillard was selected sixth by the Portland Trail Blazers. Andre Drummond was selected ninth by the Detroit Pistons.

Who was the best player in the 2008 NBA draft?

Derrick Rose was selected 1st overall by the Chicago Bulls. Russell Westbrook was selected 4th overall by the Seattle SuperSonics.