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Who did the Patriots beat in 2003?

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Pittsburgh Steelers…
2004 New England Patriots.

2004 New England Patriots season
Playoff Finish Won Divisional Playoffs (Colts) 20–3 Won AFC Championship (Steelers) 41–27 Won Super Bowl XXXIX (Eagles) 24–21

Who beat the Patriots in 2004?

The Patriots then defeated the top-seeded Pittsburgh Steelers on the road, 41–27, in the AFC Championship Game.
2004 New England Patriots.

2004 New England Patriots season
Playoff Finish Won Divisional Playoffs (Colts) 20–3 Won AFC Championship (Steelers) 41–27 Won Super Bowl XXXIX (Eagles) 24–21

Did the Patriots win in 2004?

The 2004 New England Patriots season was the 35th season for the team in the National Football League and 45th season overall. They finished with their second straight 14–2 record before advancing to and winning Super Bowl XXXIX, their third Super Bowl victory in four years.

Who was the quarterback for the Patriots in 2004?


Pos Player Summary of Player Stats
QB Tom Brady* 288 for 474, 3,692 yards, 28 td, 14 int, & 43 rushes for 28 yards and 0 td
RB Corey Dillon* 345 rushes for 1,635 yards, 12 td, & 15 catches for 103 yards and 1 td
WR Deion Branch 35 catches for 454 yards, 4 td
WR David Givens 56 catches for 874 yards, 3 td

What team was Tom Brady on in 2003?

the Patriots

seasons: Back-to-back Super Bowl wins
After opening the 2003 season at 2–2, Brady led the Patriots to twelve consecutive victories to finish the regular season at 14–2 to win the AFC East.

Who was in the Super Bowl in 2005?

The Patriots defeated the Eagles by the score of 24–21. The game was played on February 6, 2005, at Alltel Stadium in Jacksonville, Florida, the first time the Super Bowl was played in that city.

What was the New England Patriots record in 2002?

a 9–7 record

The 2002 season was the New England Patriots’ 33rd in the National Football League (NFL), their 43rd overall and their third under head coach Bill Belichick. They finished with a 9–7 record, good enough for second in the division but not a playoff berth.

Has any NFL team ever went undefeated?

Other NFL perfect regular seasons

Apart from the 1972 Dolphins, three NFL teams have completed undefeated and untied regular seasons: the 1934 Chicago Bears, the 1942 Chicago Bears, and the 2007 New England Patriots.

Who did the Steelers lose to in 2004?

Including the playoffs, the Pittsburgh Steelers went 16-2. Their final game was a loss in the Conference Championship to the New England Patriots.

Who Has Tom Brady lost to in the Super Bowl?

The opportunity to redeem himself came in , first against the Seahawks (28-24) and then the Falcons (34-28). Just when everyone thought he would have his third straight win in 2017, the Eagles put a stop to it and handed him his third loss (41-33) in the Super Bowl.

Did the Patriots make the playoffs in 2003?

The National Football League playoffs for the 2003 season began on January 3, 2004. The postseason tournament concluded with the New England Patriots defeating the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl XXXVIII, 32–29, on February 1, at Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas.

What three teams did Tom Brady lose to in the Super Bowl?

What Were Tom Brady’s Three Super Bowl Losses?

  • SB XLII (2007) – NY Giants win against New England, 17-14.
  • SB XLVI (2011) – NY Giants win against New England, 21-17.
  • SB LII (2017) – Philadelphia defeated New England, 41-33.

What quarterback has lost the most Super Bowls?

Jim Kelly and Frank Reich are tied for losing the most career games by a quarterback in Super Bowls, with 4 losses.

Does any quarterback have a winning record against Tom Brady?

the Denver Broncos (including playoffs). The Broncos are one of only two teams in the NFL to have a winning record against Brady (the Giants are 3-2 vs Brady, including playoffs). Five players have caught a pass from both Manning and Brady: Wes Welker, Austin Collie, Torrance Small, Jermaine Wiggins and Dan Klecko.

How old was Brady when he won his first Super Bowl?

age 24

Louis Rams in Super Bowl 36 at the Louisiana Superdome Sunday, Feb. 3, 2002 in New Orleans. During his second season in the NFL, Brady won his first Super Bowl. He became the youngest quarterback to do so at age 24.

Who is the youngest QB to win a Super Bowl?

Youngest quarterbacks to win a Super Bowl

Ben Roethlisberger is the youngest quarterback to ever start and win a Super Bowl, when he led the Steelers to a title in 2006 at just 23 years old.

Who is the oldest quarterback in the NFL?

quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick

Who is the oldest quarterback in the NFL? Ben Roethlisberger, who will turn 40 on March 2, 2022, would’ve joined the 40 list alongside Whitworth and Peters, but Big Ben recently announced his retirement from the NFL on social media. Now, Washington Football Team quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick is the oldest QB in the NFL.

Has any rookie quarterback won a Super Bowl?

And as the long and storied history of the NFL reminds us, no rookie quarterback has ever won a Super Bowl. In fact, no rookie quarterback has ever even reached a Super Bowl, with the few intrepid youngsters who reached their conference championship games unable to take that final step.

Did Tom Brady won his first Super Bowl as a rookie?

No rookie starting quarterback has ever won the Super Bowl, and the No.
Tom Brady’s first playoff run with the Patriots.

Stats Tom Brady (2001 postseason)
Completion % 61.9
Yards per game 190.7
Total touchdowns 2 (1 pass, 1 rush)
Interceptions 1

Has a full back ever won Super Bowl MVP?

Starr and Bradshaw are the only ones to have won it in back-to-back years. The MVP has come from the winning team every year except 1971, when Dallas Cowboys linebacker Chuck Howley won the award despite the Cowboys’ loss in Super Bowl V to the Baltimore Colts.

Which team has the longest Super Bowl win streak?

1. Longest Super Bowl Win Streak – San Francisco 49ers. In the 1980s and 1990s, the San Francisco 49ers went to five Super Bowls and won them all. The team didn’t lose any championship game in which they appeared, until Super Bowl XLVIII when they played the Baltimore Ravens.

Who has lost the most Super Bowls?

The Patriots and Broncos are tied for the most Super Bowl losses (five). The Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Houston Texans are the four teams to have never appeared in a Super Bowl, although the Browns and Lions won NFL Championships before the merger.

Can a Super Bowl end in a tie?

In an NFL playoff game, additional overtime periods are played, as needed, to determine a winner. This clearly means that regular-season games can end in a tie after one quarter of overtime is played, but the Super Bowl and postseason games cannot.

Has anyone ever won 3 Super Bowls in a row?

Among those, Dallas (1992–1993, 1995) and New England (2001, 2003–2004) are the only teams to win three out of four consecutive Super Bowls. The 1972 Dolphins capped off the only perfect season in NFL history with their victory in Super Bowl VII.

What team lost 4 Super Bowls in a row?

The Bills

The Bills have the distinction of being the only team to advance to four consecutive Super Bowls between 1990 and 1993, but also the dubious distinction of losing all four of them.

Has any NFL team gone to the Super Bowl 4 years in a row?

In all the NFL seasons that the Super Bowl has been played, only three times has the same football franchise made it to the Big Game three years in a row. The Miami Dolphins did it from 1971 to 1973, the Buffalo Bills from 1990 to 1993, and the New England Patriots have done it from .

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