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Which watershed drains into the Chesapeake Bay?

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Asked by: Jonni Karren

Major rivers that empty into the Bay include the James, York, Rappahannock, Potomac, Patuxent, Patapsco, and Susquehanna from the west and the Pocomoke, Wicomico, Nanticoke, Choptank, and Chester from the east.

Which watershed drains into Chesapeake Bay quizlet?

(Please) The Potomac River is the most northern river which borders the state of Virginia and drains in to the Chesapeake Bay.

What bodies of water are connected to the Chesapeake Bay?

Collectively, the Chesapeake’s three largest rivers—the Susquehanna, Potomac and James Rivers—provide more than 80 percent of the fresh water to the Bay.

How many states drain water into the Chesapeake Bay?

six states

The Chesapeake Bay watershed stretches approximately 524 miles from Cooperstown, New York to Norfolk, Virginia. It includes parts of six states—Delaware, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia—and the entire District of Columbia.

What is the area of the Chesapeake Bay watershed?

64,000 square miles

The Chesapeake Bay Watershed
covers 64,000 square miles; includes parts of six states (Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York) and Washington, D.C.; has 11,684 miles of shoreline, including tidal wetlands and islands (that’s more shoreline than the entire West Coast of the United States);

What four major rivers flow into the Chesapeake Bay?

Get out your Atlas and Gazetteer, and find where those 4 rivers run into the Chesapeake Bay. Almost all the rain that falls onto Virginia north of Interstate 64 drains into the Chesapeake Bay via the James, York, Rappahannock, and Potomac rivers.

What does the Chesapeake Bay connect to?

The Bay is spanned twice, in Maryland by the Chesapeake Bay Bridge from Sandy Point (near Annapolis) to Kent Island and in Virginia by the Chesapeake Bay Bridge–Tunnel connecting Virginia Beach to Cape Charles.

Chesapeake Bay
Primary inflows Susquehanna River mouth east of Havre de Grace, Maryland

Is Richmond in the Chesapeake Bay watershed?

Its watershed lies within the Piedmont region of Virginia, which includes the Cities of Charlottesville,Lynchburg, and Richmond; Counties of Albemarle, Amelia, Amherst, Appomattox, Bedford, Buckingham, Campbell, Chesterfield, Cumberland, Dinwiddie, Fluvanna, Goochland, Greene, Hanover Henrico, Nelson, Powhatan, Prince

How many Virginia river systems drain into the Chesapeake Bay?

Virginia has 4 major river systems that flow into the Chesapeake Bay and then toward the Atlantic Ocean. They are, from north to south: the Potomac-Shenandoah River system, the Rappahannock River, the York River, and the James River.