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Which personal trainer certifications are most respected?

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Asked by: Carla Gilbreth

Best Overall National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Why We Chose It: NASM is one of the most respected personal training certifications around. Its thorough study materials and well-designed exam make it the best choice for any serious personal trainer.

Which personal training Certification is most respected?

The personal trainer certifications with an option for NCCA accreditation are the most respected in the industry. The NCCA is the gold standard for third-party personal training certifications. Some of these certs include, NASM, ACE, Fitness Mentors, and ISSA.

Is NASM or ACE better?

It all depends on your career path and goals. If you want to work with general populations, ACE will suffice. Whereas if you want to focus more on corrective exercise techniques, then NASM would be a better option.

What is the highest personal trainer qualification?

The highest standard for a personal trainer is the Level 4 qualification. Level 4 can sometimes have added elements to help set you apart from other trainers, such as our Level 4 Elite Personal Trainer Course with RSPH Nutrition.

Which NASM certification is best?

The NASM CES certification is probably the most popular as well as the most useful specialization certification from NASM. The general NASM CPT certification leads right into the CES certification with its strong emphasis on stabilization and corrective exercise.

Is NASM respected?

It is a stamp of approval awarded by a panel of experts and organizations of authority in the field of health and fitness practice. NASM is accredited by the NCCA, which is the most recognized and reputable accrediting body in North American sports science.

Is NASM hard to pass?

Overall, the NASM certification has been notorious for being one of the more difficult in the industry over the last decade. NASM has made their test difficult on purpose because they are trying to raise the standard for the knowledge required for personal trainers.

What is the easiest CPT exam?

The ISSA-CPT certification exam is open book, which makes it extremely manageable in terms of passing probability. The current pass rate is 89.9%. Not only is ISSA the easiest certification to pass, but it is also one of my top three overall certifications.

Is Ace a good CPT?

Benefits of ACE CPT
ACE cert follows the IFT training module which includes information on all topics of fitness without any specialization in some particular area. ACE CPTs can train clients with average sedentary lifestyles to improve their overall health.

Is NASM a good personal trainer certification?

Like other fitness certification bodies, NASM is best-known for its Certified Personal Trainer program. However, they also provide a number of other specializations that are worth mentioning. The NASM CPT is based on an evidence-based training model preparing students for real-life situations.

Is NASM nutrition certification worth?

The NASM Nutrition Certification is a highly respected program that will arm fitness professionals with essential knowledge, dietary trends, and behavioral change strategies. The program is immersive and engaging and written by well respected nutritional experts. Given the price point, this program is full of value.

What is the most recognized nutrition certification?

The Certified Nutrition Specialist is by far the highest of all the national nutrition certifications, with the most requirements for education, experience, testing, and continuing education. It’s also the most widely recognized non-dietetics credential for state licensing.

How hard is NASM nutrition coach exam?

Nutrition Coach, NASM CNC Online Certification Exam
The test consists of 100 questions with a 90-minute time limit provided online. A passing score is 70%, and you can take the exam three times. This comprehensive nutrition program offers unlimited access to practice exams to prepare you for the final exam.