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Which former NBA player became very wealthy by his relationship with Nike and the Chicago Bulls?

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Asked by: Jim Kennefick

Regarded by most as the NBA’s greatest all-time player, Michael Jordan won six titles with the Chicago Bulls. His salary during his career totaled $90 million, but he has earned $1.8 billion (pre-tax) from such corporate partners as Nike, Hanes and Gatorade.

How did Michael Jordan became a billionaire?

He became part-owner and head of basketball operations for the Charlotte Bobcats (now named the Hornets) in 2006, and bought a controlling interest in 2010. In 2016, Jordan became the first billionaire player in NBA history.
Michael Jordan.

Charlotte Hornets
2001–2003 Washington Wizards
Career highlights and awards

Who is the first NBA billionaire?

LeBron James

Even though LeBron James is not in the NBA Finals this year, he has about a billion reasons to celebrate. Forbes says at 37, he’s the first active NBA player ever to become a billionaire.

When did LeBron become a billionaire?

James has long held the goal of becoming a billionaire, telling GQ in 2014 that it was his “biggest milestone.”

Who was Nike’s first basketball player?

These days, Michael Jordan credits Spencer Haywood for being the first ballplayer of such stature to sign with Nike, paving the trail for his namesake multi-billion-dollar brand. Haywood remains close friends with Nike athletes of multiple generations, supporting them through his story and his own on-foot endorsement.

Is LeBron a billionaire?

LeBron James has officially become a billionaire, according to Forbes. This makes James the first active NBA player to reach the milestone, and the second NBA player to reach billionaire status, joining retired basketball star Michael Jordan.

Who is the first athlete billionaire?

Michael Jordan

This all equates to Woods’s now $1 billion net worth. He becomes just the third athlete in history to officially be named a billionaire, after LeBron James and Michael Jordan. James just reached this milestone last week.

What basketball player made Nike famous?

And George said, ‘Hey, man, you’re Michael Jordan.

Who is the richest basketball player of all time?

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan reacts after being introduced as part of the NBA 75th Anniversary Team during the 2022 NBA All-Star Game on February 20, 2022 in Cleveland, Ohio. Photo by Tim Nwachukwu. Michael Jordan’s net worth is projected to be $1.5 billion, making him the world’s wealthiest basketball player.

Who was Nike’s first big athlete?

“Nike’s first signature athlete was welterweight wrestler, Wayne Wells. The 5′ 8″ Texas native had an accomplished career, winning a gold medal in Munich in 1972 while working closely with Nike footwear designers on his signature, high-top wresting boot.

Who is Nike’s biggest athlete?

Top 5 Nike Athlete Endorsements

  • Michael Jordan (former NBA player ) $100 million. …
  • LeBron James (NBA player/LA Lakers) $30 million. …
  • Cristiano Ronaldo (Football player/Juventus) $30 million. …
  • Kevin Durant (NBA player/Brooklyn Nets) $30 million. …
  • Tiger Woods (Golf player) $19 million.

Does Michael Jordan make money from Nike Jordans?

Meanwhile, Jordan’s deal with Nike included a clause for royalties. According to Essentially Sports, Jordan gets 5% from each Air Jordan sale; this is how he has been able to make $150 million per year.