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Which dugout is the Cardinals at Busch Stadium?

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Asked by: Michelle Pawul

Dugouts and Bullpens The St Louis Cardinals dugout is located in front of sections 142-145, and the visitors bench is located in front of sections 155-158. The Cardinals bullpen is located in front of sections 507 and 509, and the visitors bullpen is located in front of sections 589 and 591.

What dugout Do the Cardinals use?

The St. Louis Cardinals prefer to have their home dugout along the first base line at Busch Stadium. Q. I notice most Major League baseball teams have dugouts on the first-base side when playing on their home fields, but there are some home teams that use the third-base dugout.

What sections are the Redbird Club at Busch Stadium?

The Redbird Club sections are located on the second tier of the stadium running from 3rd base, behind home plate, and through to 1st base. Ticketholders will have access to the climate-controlled Redbird Club concourse located behind the sections.

What are the best seats in Busch Stadium?

The 200 level at Busch Stadium has some of the most desirable seats for catching a St Louis Cardinals game. The Redbird Club Seats are the most popular in the 200 level and include the Infield Redbird Club and the Home Redbird Club seats. The Infield Redbird Club seats are located in sections 241-246 and 254-257.

What gate should I go in at Busch Stadium?

If you are entering the ballpark through Gate 2, 3, or 4, the best place to park is on or near 8th Street. If entering through Gates 1, 5 or 6, the best place is on or near Broadway. Gameday parking is available for purchase through the Cardinals.

Which dugout is home?

Home sits on the third base dugout, and away on the first base dugout.

Which side is the home dugout?

In both the National League and American League, more home team dugouts are on the first-base side (9 to 6 each). Even the two oldest parks still in use differ on this point: the Cubs sit on the third-base side at Wrigley while the Red Sox inhabit the first-base dugout at Fenway.

What is the dugout box at Busch Stadium?

Front row seats in every Cardinals Dugout Box section are highly desirable as these are the closest seats to the field in each area. Cardinals Dugout Boxes are frequent landing spots for foul balls so fans throughout the section should be aware of the game action.

What are Cardinals club seats?

The Cardinals Club, aka “the Green Seats” is located directly behind home plate and features access to an exclusive club which includes an upscale pregame buffet and full-service bar, as well as in-seat food and beverage service during the game.

What sections are in the shade at Busch Stadium?

As a general rule, the seats in the shade at Busch Stadium are located:

  • On the 1st base side of the park or behind home plate for a day game.
  • In a row farther back so that it is under cover or the upper-level roof.
  • On the 3rd base side of the park for a night game.

Where is the Cardinals bullpen in Busch Stadium?

Louis Cardinals’ bullpen is located in front of sections 107 and 109. The visiting team’s bullpen at Busch Stadium is located in front of sections 189 and 191.

What time do gates open for Cardinals game?


Noon — Busch Stadium gates open.

Can I bring food into Busch Stadium 2021?

Guests may bring in items such as: bags, purses and soft-sided coolers not exceeding 10” x 10” x 8”; food, non-alcoholic beverages in factory-sealed plastic bottles no larger than 2 liters; empty cups, mugs or plastic bottles.

Can I take a blanket into Busch Stadium?

Yes, you can bring a blanket into Busch Stadium. Blankets are not listed on Busch Stadium’s prohibited items list (source).

Is there free parking at Busch Stadium?

There is an area a few blocks south of the stadium where you might be able to find free street parking.

How early can you enter Busch Stadium?

The gates open at 12:00 pm and the first pitch is at 3:15 pm. Cardinal officials say get here early so you won’t get held up during the security and ticket check. Tickets are once again all digital so make sure to have your phones ready. That will speed up your entry into the ballpark.

What brand of hot dogs do they serve at Busch Stadium?

Nathan’s hot dogs

Busch stadium offers a variety of hot dog and sausage options including Nathan’s hot dogs, several different bratwursts and a footlong Corn Dog.

How much is parking at Busch Stadium?

If you plan to park in the Busch Stadium parking lots, you can expect to pay between $10-$40 a spot. Ballpark village parking is the most expensive place to park for a Cardinals game, but you are right next to the venue. Fans should arrive to the Ballpark Village as early as possible as these lots fill up quick.

Can you use cash at Busch Stadium?

Cards Cash is cash value stored in the barcode of tickets to games and other events at Busch Stadium and can be redeemed at any concession or retail location in Busch Stadium on the date of the game or other event for which the ticket was issued. Cards Cash is non-refundable and cannot be redeemed for cash.

Can I bring a backpack into Busch Stadium?

Empty outside cups, mugs and plastic bottles, duffel bags, tote bags, cinch bags and ice packs are now permitted inside Busch Stadium. Backpacks, alcohol, bottles, cans, thermoses, hard-sided coolers, and mugs are not permitted.

How much does beer cost at Busch Stadium?


Busch is one of just a handful of stadiums where it costs more for a soft drink ($6.50) than it does for beer or hot dogs at the game.

What food is Busch Stadium known for?

Classic Busch Stadium Food Choices

  • Traditional Food Options: Nachos, pretzels, bratwurst, beer, water, fries, chicken tenders, and Nathans Hotdogs.
  • Double Play Tap & Grill: Fans looking for Goose Island IPA or Shock Top can head over to sections 135 and 358.

Where is dingers donuts in Busch Stadium?

This year we are bringing hot donuts to the ballpark with Dinger’s Donuts. The donuts are fried right on the main concourse and topped with your choice of chocolate, maple, or vanilla glaze, chopped nuts, sprinkles, or cinnamon sugar. They are served warm in a Dinger Dozen (14 each) or Cardinal’s Helmet (50 each).

What is there to eat at a Cardinals game?

Bowtie Bar Section 272. Ballpark Favorites Section 437. Terrace Bar Section 428. Budweiser Burger Bar Section 432.

  • Plaza Grill Section 101.
  • Broadway Market Section 108.
  • Broadway BBQ Section 109.
  • Gate 1 Bar Section 130.
  • Gashouse Grill Section 132.
  • Dizzy’s Diner Section 139.
  • 1764 Craft Bar Section 141.
  • Gashouse Grill Section 146.

Does Busch Stadium have a dome?

Following Busch’s last 1995 event—the Rams’ October 22 game before the opening of the now-Dome at America’s Center—the Cardinals retrofitted it into a baseball-only stadium.

Is Busch Stadium real grass?

Busch Stadium has had artificial turf since 1970. The current turf was installed before the 1992 baseball season. The switch to grass will begin after the 1995 season. The Cardinals will become the 20th team in the major leagues to have a grass surface in their home stadium.

What place are the baseball Cardinals in?


1 Brewers 30-18
2 Cardinals 26-21
3 Cubs 19-27
4 Pirates 19-27
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