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Where is the Jurassic Park tour in Hawaii?

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Asked by: Marvin Diaz

Which Hawaiian island has the Jurassic Park tour?


Jurassic Valley, where a series of Jurassic Park movies were filmed, is located at Kualoa Ranch on Oahu. Kualoa ranch is a 4,000 acre private nature reserve located on the east side of the Hawaiian Island of Oahu.

Where is the Jurassic Park place in Hawaii?

Kualoa Ranch

Located on the windward side of Oahu, Kualoa Ranch is a private nature reserve & cattle ranch. On the ranch’s northern half is Ka’a’awa Valley, a popular TV and movie location where Jurassic Park, Lost & Hawaii Five-0 were filmed.

How far is Jurassic Park from Honolulu?

24 miles

Located on the northeastern side of Oahu in the Hawaiian countryside and along the white sandy shores of Kaneohe Bay, it is just 24 miles from Honolulu.

Is Jurassic Park tour worth it?

Overall, I really enjoyed this experience and would have to recommend it to Jurassic Park fans, especially those who really like the newer Jurassic World. It’s just such a fun experience to see where so many big movies were filmed and the scenery is simply stunning.

Is there a Jurassic Park tour in Kauai?

Our deluxe 2.5-hour JURASSIC ADVENTURE TOUR will take you to iconic film sites in Kualoa, Hakipu’u and Ka’a’awa Valleys.

Can you drive to Jurassic Park Oahu?

Kualoa Ranch is located in Kaneohe which is about a 50 minute drive from Waikiki. It is an easy and beautiful drive that we find quite enjoyable. We always recommend renting a car on Oahu because there is so much to explore! Parking at Kualoa Ranch is free and easy.

Can you visit Jurassic Kahili Ranch?

Jurassic Kahili Ranch, Kauai

Other scenes from Jurassic Park III were filmed at Jurassic Kahili Ranch, however the ranch is private property. No tours are available and the no trespassing rules are strictly enforced.

Where is the Jurassic Park Visitor Center?


The iconic Visitor’s Center facade is actually the front of the Valley House Plantation Estate on 6191 Hauaala Road in Kealia, Kauai.

Can you visit the island where Jurassic Park was filmed?

The 4000-acre destination is open every day from 7 a.n. to 5:30 p.m., and visitors can spend a few hours or a whole day there, depending on which activities they select. It’s strongly recommended that you book tours and excursions well in advance, either on the ranch’s website or by phone.

Is there a Jurassic Park in Hawaii?

Kualoa Ranch, otherwise known as the Jurassic Park of Hawaii, is where some of the world’s most famous movies have been shot. Films from, you guessed it, Jurassic Park to Jumanji have been filmed here.

Can you hike to Jurassic Falls?

The falls stand at 400-feet, and are virtually untouched by civilisation. If it’s adventure that you’re looking for, hikes through the muddy and wet, rich jungle vegetation are carried out by the Robinson family – you will need to set aside at least 4 to 6 hours for the hike, and be sure to bring plenty of water!

Which island is Kualoa Ranch on?

island of Oʻahu

Kualoa – A Sacred Place

one of the most sacred places on the island of Oʻahu.

Can you visit Kualoa Ranch without tour?

You can visit the Kualoa Ranch without taking one of their tours. You won’t see much other than their restaurant and gift shop though. There is also a nice beach park across the street from the ranch. It’s where you stop to see Chinaman’s Hat.

How do I get to Secret Island Kualoa Ranch?

The secret island is along Kaneohe Bay, and you can only get to it by going through the Kualoa Ranch. Purchase a ticket for just this adventure or as part of a package to view the other tours and activities the Kualoa Ranch has to offer.