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Where is the Eames lounge chair made?

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Asked by: Wendy Lupke

The chair was produced from 1946 until 1947 by Evans Molded Plywood of Venice Beach, California for the Herman Miller furniture company in Zeeland, Michigan. In 1947 Herman Miller moved the production of the chairs to Michigan, where production continues — after a hiatus from 1957-1994.

Are Eames chairs made in USA?

The Eames Lounge Chair and ottoman are furnishings made of molded plywood and leather, designed by Charles and Ray Eames for the Herman Miller furniture company.

Eames Lounge Chair.

Eames Lounge Chair and ottoman
Designer Charles and Ray Eames
Style / tradition Modern
Sold by Herman Miller (United States)

Who manufactures Eames furniture?

the Herman Miller furniture company

The Eames lounge chair has been manufactured by the Herman Miller furniture company since the famed furniture makers acquired the technology from the Eameses in the late 1940s.

How can I tell if my Eames chair is authentic?

One of the first steps you should take when identifying a genuine Eames molded side chair is to look for a label on the underside. Most vintage Eames furniture pieces were marked on the bottom (an estimated 70 percent or so), so seeking a label is a great place to start with authentication.

Are Eames chairs still being made?

Today, these pieces not only live in museums but continue to offer comfort and style to interiors everywhere. The Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman has become so recognisable that its configuration is a registered trademark.

Where is Herman Miller made?

Herman Miller’s one-stop hub of manufacturing operations in Dongguan, China. Located in the Greater Bay Area in southern China, our state-of-the-art Dongguan facilities demonstrate our commitment to the things we believe in.

Why is Eames lounge chair so expensive?

It's timeless. And when you're done with it you can probably sell it for more than what you bought it for now herman miller is objectively an impressive.

Do Eames chairs hold their value?

Vintage examples hold their value well, as does Eames furniture in general. Copies of the Eames lounger, however, usually sell between $1,200 and $1,500, and far less when used.

How can I tell if my Herman Miller chair is real?

All our classic designs come with a certificate of authenticity. In addition, some have a medallion attached to certify their authenticity. Your product may also have a label attached to it. For a chair, this is often on the underside of the seat.

Are Eames chair replicas legal?

With news of the new ruling, Dezeen recently published an illuminating list identifying the 10 most copied mid-century furnishings — low-priced imitations that are now effectively outlawed. Not at all surprisingly, Charles and Ray Eames’ semi-ubiquitous molded plastic Dowel-Leg Side Chair (DSW) tops the list.

How much is a replica Eames chair?

Price: Based on the reviews of many different Eames lounge chair replicas, be prepared to spend anywhere from $850 for a lesser quality piece and between $1400 and $1800 for a high quality replica. Although the higher quality pieces may have a full retail price of up to $2500, you shouldn’t have to spend this much.

What is so special about the Eames chair?

The Design

The material, according to the Eameses, was meant to give the seat “the warm receptive look of a well-used first baseman’s mitt,” an effect, they said, which made the chair “a special refuge from the strains of modern living.”

How is Eames pronounce?

How do you say it eems eames pretty straightforward once you know eames a long e sound here aims and a z sound at the end aims.

What year did Eames lounge chair come out?


The Eames Lounge chair and the Eames Ottoman were released by the Herman Miller company in 1956, and are still produced and sold today. Unlike the sleek, spare lines of other Eames designs, this chair was intended to be, first and foremost, inviting.