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Where is teff hay grown?

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Asked by: Imran Durflinger

Teff (Eragrotis tef), is native to Ethiopia in Africa where it is mainly grown for its grain used in making the staple, injera. Although there is an increasing market for its grain, teff is mainly a forage crop in the US.

Can horses eat teff hay?

Teff is best used for horses with lower energy needs or horses prone to metabolic diseases. It is a warm-season grass that needs to be planted later in the spring and may die off from some of the first cooler Minnesota nights.

What is the difference between teff hay and timothy hay?

Timothy grass tends to have the same values. Actually, out of all the grasses, I would compare teff to timothy as the most similar in nutritive values. LOWER AVERAGE NON-STRUCTURAL CARBOHYDRATES: Teff grass is what plant biologists call a C4 grass.

Is teff a good hay?

Nutritive value of Teff is comparable to Timothy, making it excellent forage for horses and other livestock (see table 1). Palatability and animal acceptance has been reported to be very good by horse owners. Protein content of Teff hay ranges from 12-17% depending on the growth stage or maturity.

Is teff grown in Canada?

As it turns out Teff cannot be grown in Canada because it is a tropical crop, meaning that it grows poorly in cold regions such as Canada.

Is teff hay good for cattle?

Teff makes a very palatable hay and is well accepted by horses, llamas, alpacas, and similar livestock. Recently weaned calves also adapt to teff hay quite quickly. Teff may be better suited to these uses than our other summer annual grasses. Of course, stock cows, replacement heifers, and other cattle also like it.

How much does teff hay sell for?

“We’re finding that teff will bring a premium price in the horse-hay market. For teff that is testing less than 10% nonstructural carbohydrates, the median price from was $240 per ton. For producers I work with, my goal is to get them at least $250 per ton,” she added.

How long does it take to grow teff?

Fast Growth – Under optimal growing temper- atures and moisture, Teff germinates quickly and is ready for early boot stage harvest in 45 to 55 days after seeding.

How is teff harvested?

After the seeds are dry, it’s harvest time. We use a machine called a header, which threshes the seeds out of the grass. We then clean the seeds, which takes away the chaff and they are then ready to be packed for consumption or go to the mill. That’s where the magic happens!

Does teff grass come back every year?

In recent years researchers in the U.S. have discovered that Teff Grass makes a good one year hay crop. It’s rapid re-growth after cutting can provide two to three harvests in a summer even though it is commonly not planted until June.

Can you graze teff grass?

Along with growing teff for hay, Farney said it can also be grazed with the right management plan. “Teff is a shallow rooted plant so it can’t be grazed until 45 days after it was planted or roughly the same time you would take that first cutting of hay,” Farney said.

Can you plant teff grass in alfalfa?

The best option right now to supplement your alfalfa hay is teff. This warm-season grass can be hayed on the same schedule as the alfalfa. The firm ground under the established alfalfa is perfect for a teff seedbed. Use a no-till drill with good firming wheels.