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Where do I get a fishing pole in WOW Classic?

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Asked by: Angel Harvey

This item can be purchased in Thunder Bluff (4), Darnassus (2), Dun Morogh (2), Eastern Plaguelands (2), Feralas (2), Hillsbrad Foothills (2), Ironforge (2), Loch Modan (2), Mulgore (2), Redridge Mountains (2), Alterac Valley , Arathi Highlands , Ashenvale , Azshara , Darkshore , Desolace , Durotar , Dustwallow Marsh , …

What is the best fishing pole in WoW Classic?

Fishing Poles

Name ILvl DPS
Arcanite Fishing Pole 20 17.50
Big Iron Fishing Pole 30 19.00
Nat Pagle’s Extreme Angler FC-5000 50 38.83
Strong Fishing Pole 10 5.67

Where can I fish WoW Classic?

Fishing Locations

  • The Barrens. All Oases and Wailing Caverns Instance – Deviate Fish. …
  • Stonetalon Mountains. Sun Rock Retreat – Raw Bristle Whisker Catfish (66%), Raw Longjaw Mud Snapper (33%) …
  • Stranglethorn Vale. Rivers and lakes – Schools of Greater Sagefish.
  • Tanaris. …
  • Azshara. …
  • Feralas. …
  • Feathermoon Stronghold. …
  • The Hinterlands.

Where can I farm big iron fishing rods?

It's located in desolace.

What can you fish up in WoW Classic?

You can fish in almost any body of water. Leveling up fishing in WoW Classic is fairly simple, all you need to do is fish in the correct zone for your fishing level. All players start with a fishing level of one and can train it all the way to 300, with different zones becoming available at different skill levels.

Do you need a fishing pole in wow?

Prior to Patch 5.0. 4, a fishing pole was the tool required to practice the fishing profession. Now it is only required to equip, if you want to gain the bonus the fishing pole gives (if it does).

Do you need bait to fish in wow?

Fishing lures provide much greater enhancement to fishing skill than is available through other fishing gear. Most fishing lures are used by right-clicking on the lure while you have a fishing pole equipped. This consumes the lure and creates a temporary fishing skill buff on the fishing pole.

How do you get the arcanite fishing rod?

You can get this fishing pole by winning the Sunday fishing tournament held in Stranglethorn Vale. There is also a +fishing enchant to gloves and a lucky fishing hat (also available from a rare fish).

How long does it take to level fishing 1 300?

8-12hrs. I did it in a day but it will take the whole day basically. 10 hours average. After 250 or so those level up ticks only show up about once every 10-12 catches.

How do you fish on wow?

Equip your fishing pole and use the new Fishing ability in your skillbook near the body of water. Your character will throw out the fishing pole and then it’ll be time to wait. Once fish will attach to your fishing hook, the bobber will move or splash.

How do you fish in vanilla wow?

To start fishing, first find a fishing trainer to teach you the Apprentice Fishing skill. Then find a General Trade Goods or Fishing Supplies vendor and purchase a fishing pole. Lures are optional. Next, find a body of water.

Where can I learn fishing in wow?

Artisan Fishing can only be learnt after reaching character Level 35 and Fishing skill 225. In order to learn it, you will need to visit Nat Pagle, to the southwest of Theramore in Dustwallow Marsh.

Is there a way to auto fish in wow?

Option that you can enable or disable. That. Means if you enable that option. And you start fishing it is automatically going to turn off PvP.

Is there a macro for fishing wow?

No, you can’t use a macro/addon to click the bobber. There is an addon which makes Fishing slightly easier – it’s called Fishing Buddy.

What does fishing buddy mean?

A special type of license is available to anglers introducing a “Buddy” to freshwater fishing. The Fishing Buddy License offers both a current and a new angler (or two new anglers) reduced price fishing licenses!

How do you get nettle for a pond?

The way you catch this is you can fish in any of the waters in Argos.

Where can I buy pond nettle?

Fished at /way Antoran Wastes 74.20, 48.41 (next to the hut at Hope Landing, Antoran Wastes).

What mounts can you get from fishing wow?


  • Great Sea Ray. Ray.
  • Pond Nettle. Nettle.
  • Sea Turtle. Turtle.

How do I get a fathom dweller?

Then go to Drak’thul at 37, 71 on Broken Shore Map again and give him the relict and talk to him several times until he wants to leave him alone. After that click all the orbs in the right order! This will summon the Boss and give you a Worldquest to obtain the Fathom Dweller mount or the Hungering Claw pet!

How do you unlock Kosumoth?

Once you go inside of this cave you'll find a very small mound of dirt right click that to pick up the weathered relic which you'll then return to Drossel. And speak with him.

How do you get to lotha Allseer?

To find him, drown yourself in the Circle of Stars.

Riding Requirements:

  1. This mount is available to all eligible characters on your account.
  2. Level 10.
  3. Apprentice Riding (ground)
  4. Expert Riding (flying)