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Where do GREY whales migrate to?

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Asked by: Tom Luitel

In the fall, eastern North Pacific gray whales migrate from their summer feeding grounds, heading south along the coast of North America to spend the winter in their wintering and calving areas off the coast of Baja California, Mexico.

Where do whales migrate to?

In general, whales migrate toward the colder poles in the summer and toward the more tropical waters of the equator in the winter.

Why do GREY whales migrate south?

Gray whales migrate north each spring to feast and grow fat in the rich feeding waters of the Arctic. They migrate south each fall to mate and give birth in lagoons on Mexico’s Baja Peninsula. They do this every year of their long lives. With Journey North, you can follow the northward migration each spring on the Web.

What whales travel the furthest?

A gray whale has swum the longest distance ever recorded in a marine vertebrate—more than 16,700 miles—over halfway around the world. The male cetacean, spotted off Namibia in 2013, is the first gray whale ever recorded in the Southern Hemisphere.

What months do GREY whales migrate?

From March through June most gray whales make the journey from their breeding lagoons in Baja California to the Arctic feeding grounds. On this northbound migration, small numbers of gray whales fall out of the migration and stop at various locations along the Oregon coast.

Why do whales go north in winter?

Southern Hemisphere humpback whales migrate north each winter from their Southern Ocean feeding grounds to warmer waters to mate and calve.

How far south do whales migrate?

Humpback whales are migratory animals, traveling up to 3,000 miles from their feeding grounds in the cold waters of the Polar regions, to their breeding grounds in the warmer waters of tropical regions. When do humpback whales migrate? Humpbacks follow a general seasonal pattern of migration.

Are GREY whales migrating right now?

Gray whales are migrating along California’s coast right now. Here’s where to see them. A baby gray whale swims with its mother off Dana Point. The gray whales are back, hugging the California coast while they make their 10,000-mile journey from Alaska to breed in the warm-water lagoons of Baja, Mexico, and back.

How far do whales migrate?

Scientists have long wondered why whales—baleens, such as humpbacks and blues, and toothed whales, such as sperm and killer whales—travel up to 18,840 kilometers every year between their feeding grounds in polar waters and warmer, tropical seas.

Do GREY whales travel alone?

Gray whales are frequently observed traveling alone or in small, mostly unstable groups. Although large aggregations may be seen in feeding and breeding grounds. Like other baleen whales, long-term bonds between individuals are thought to be rare.

Are grey whales aggressive?

Gray whales can live to be 70 years and can grow to be up to 50 feet long and 40 tons. They were known as “devil fish” by whalers because they aggressively fight to protect themselves and their calves when attacked.

How many gray whales are left in the world 2021?

A western North Pacific population of gray whales, which summers off the Russian coast in the Okhotsk Sea, remains endangered with only around 200 individuals.

How long do grey whales live?

Gray whales reach sexual maturity at five to 11 years or when they reach 36-39 ft (11–12m) in length. Their life span is estimated to be 50–60 yrs.

Are gray whales friendly?

The Friendly Giant

Gray whales are known to be very curious and inquisitive, giving them reputation of being the “friendly” whale. They often swim right up to boats and poke their heads vertically out of the water to get a better view of their surroundings in a behavior called spyhopping.

Do orcas eat gray whales?

Orcas As Hunters

Although killer whales can and do eat gray whales occasionally, there is a lot more to it than that. Killer whales are the gray whales’ main predator. Killer whales are amazingly good and adaptable hunters.

Do GREY whales sleep?

An adult Gray Whale has unique sleeping habits in which they barely sleep at all! At most, the Gray Whale will take 10-20 minute naps. During migration, the whales will sleep while swimming, especially when having a calf depending on them.

Do GREY whales eat humans?

No, whales do not eat people; they primarily eat small aquatic lifeforms such as fish, squid, and krill, and a few dolphin species are even known to eat marine mammals such as seals, sea lions, walruses, and whales. Still, they are not known for consuming or eating people.

Do gray whales mate for life?

Whales are an extremely social and caring species that protect each other and nurtures their young; however, when it comes to having a lifelong mating partner, the short answer is, “no whales do not mate for life”.

Do GREY whales have predators?

The primary predators of grey whales are transient killer whales, which may attack grey whale calves and yearlings along their migration route.

Are gray whales smart?

Based on what is known so far, gray whales are not considered to be as “smart” and dolphins and orcas. Q: How will warmer water temps affect gray whales? A: Gray whales are highly adaptable.

What kind of whales migrate off California?

September – October | Southward Whale Migration

Gray whales begin to leave their Arctic feeding grounds in September, migrating south along the coastline to breed and calve in Baja California, Mexico. Gray whales travel at approximately 5 miles per hour and average about 75 miles a day.

How deep can GREY whales dive?


Gray whales are very agile swimmers. Gray whales can dive for up to 30 minutes and go 500 feet (155 m) deep. They can swim in even relatively shallow water without running aground.

What do grey whales do at night?

Sleep. Many whales and dolphins sleep during the night. Whales, unlike humans who are involuntary breathers, must decide to take each breath. Accordingly, whales cannot spend long periods underwater without surfacing.

Which is bigger blue whale or grey whale?

The Gray Whale is the seventh largest whale in the species, being around 44-48 ft in length and weighing about 60,000 pounds. The Blue Whale is the largest mammal in existence. As an adult, they weigh up to 300,000 pounds! They can be up to 100 ft long, with females generally be larger than the males.