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When did Philip Rivers tear his ACL?

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Asked by: Jose Rivera

20072007 AFC Championship Game.

Did Philip Rivers tear his ACL?

Rivers suffered a torn ACL in the Chargers’ AFC Divisional Round playoff win over the Indianapolis Colts. Despite the major injury, he actually played the next week against the then-undefeated New England Patriots in the AFC Championship Game at Gillette Stadium.

What qb played on a torn ACL?

Falcons quarterback AJ McCarron needs season-ending surgery after suffering a torn ACL in his knee, a source confirmed to The Athletic on Sunday. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution first reported the news.

Has Philip Rivers ever been injured?

Rivers tore his right ACL in the playoffs but remarkably played through it. He also had arthroscopic surgery in January. Rivers still hasn’t missed a game since becoming the Chargers’ starter in 2006.

What happened to QB Philip Rivers?

Retired Chargers and Colts quarterback Philip Rivers now coaches high school football at St. Michael’s Catholic in Fairhope, Ala. “In the South in general, there’s so much college football that even here — not that I feel like I’m a big deal anywhere — but it’s not as big of a deal,” he said.

Can a football player play with a torn ACL?

Athletes who play sports that involve contact, twisting, jumping, and cutting motions, such as football, soccer, and basketball, are usually unable to continue their sport with an ACL tear. Attempts to continue to play with an ACL tear can result in further injury to the cartilage and meniscus.

What nfl player tore their ACL?

Adrian Peterson – Torn ACL, Torn MCL
One more example of an NFL player bouncing back strong for you high school and college kids trying to do the same.

Who has torn their ACL the most?

Because more men play sports than women, the number of ACL reconstructions is higher in men. Of 6,700 ACL reconstruction patients treated at Shelbourne Knee Center over 36 years,1 62% were male and 38% were female. In general, female athletes are about twice as likely to tear their ACL as men.

Did Elway play without ACL?

John Elway played his entire career with no ACL. He tore his Lateral Meniscus during his career and never repaired it.

How long does a ruptured ACL take to heal?

An ACL tear is a very common knee injury. It can happen to athletes who play sports like football, basketball, soccer and volleyball, and to those who work physical jobs. There are surgical and nonsurgical treatments. Most people recover from an ACL tear within six to nine months.

Could Philip Rivers come out of retirement?

Rivers, who retired following the 2020 season, has left the door open on a return to the NFL should the right situation arise. With the high school football season over — Rivers was coaching at St. Michael in Alabama — this could provide an opportunity for the Colts to reunite with Rivers.

Did Aaron Rodgers retire?

Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers said Tuesday that he’s “definitely” retiring a Packer. “Unless they trade me,” he added with a smile. Rodgers said he hasn’t decided when that retirement will be and said he will re-evaluate after the season.

What QB came out of retirement?

Take a look at other players who returned to the field after retirement. Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady announced his retirement on Feb. 1. Brady returned to the NFL just 40 days later and will play his 23rd season.