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What was Jackie Robinson’s motivation?

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Asked by: Dwight Calabro

Jackie Robinson was an African American professional baseball player who broke Major Leagues Baseball’s infamous “color barrier” when he started at first base for the Brooklyn Dodgers on April 15, 1947. Until that time, professional ballplayers of color suited up for teams only in the Negro Leagues.

What are 3 interesting facts about Jackie Robinson?

11 Things You May Not Know About Jackie Robinson

  • Robinson’s older brother was a silver medalist at the Olympics. …
  • He was an accomplished athlete in several other sports. …
  • He was a good friend of boxer Joe Louis during his time in the Army. …
  • Robinson didn’t play baseball between age 21 and 26.

How fast was Jackie Robinson?

Besides the long jump at Pasadena City College, Robinson ran a 9.7 100, a 21.5 220, a 48.5 440; he pole-vaulted 13 feet, had a 23.7 mark for the 220 low hurdles and ran on the 440 relay team. He averaged more than 25 points a game in basketball during his two years at Pasadena City College.

How many times did Jackie Robinson get hit with a ball?

In his first eight seasons, Robinson led the National League in getting hit by pitches once, was second four times and third twice. In fact, in 1951, three of the four most-often-hit National League players were Black. Jackie was hit-by-pitches a total of 72 times during his career.

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