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What warning did Emily give Josh?

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Asked by: Donnie Loc

What happens in chapter 5 of no promises in the wind?

Lonnie became their friend as the days went by. He talked about how if Pete Harris can’t give Josh a job; they’d search through New Orleans for anyone who can give him one. He needed the confidence boost that Lonnie is providing for him.

What happens in chapter 6 of no promises in the wind?

Josh anxiously waited for Lonnie to return. Once he realized that Lonnie might have lost his job, he immediately sent over some money to cover what he owed the man. By Christmastime, the brothers were eager to buy each other something other than food. They happily opened their gifts days before Christmas.

How does no promises in the wind end?

Finally, in a stroke of luck, the two receive the warmth of a woman who persuades Joey to write home to their mother. They also become acquainted with Lonnie Bromer, a truck driver. Lonnie lost a child named David who would be as old as Josh if he were alive.

Why does Howie decide to join Josh on the road no promises in the wind?

Josh told him about his plans and how his mother was siding with his father. Howie decided to him for this. They both decided to use their musical talents to good use and earn a living from it. They think that Chicago is far too big for their dreams and wanted to hit the small towns instead.