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What Thermostat works with Xfinity?

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Asked by: Elizabeth Jordan

Works With Xfinity Devices Compatible with the Xfinity App

Partner (Support Website) Type
Ecobee (Support Website) Thermostat
Honeywell-Lyric Products (Support Website) Thermostat
Honeywell-TCC Products (Support Website) Thermostat WiFi)
Kwikset (Support Website) Locks

Is Nest thermostat compatible with Xfinity?

Note: Nest is no longer a Works with Xfinity partner.

Does Comcast have smart thermostat?

Connect an ecobee Smart Thermostat to Xfinity Home, and control it from anywhere. Plus get smart features like automated alerts. ecobee Smart Thermostats make temperature control so much simpler. It lets you adjust the temperature from any device.

What is Xfinity not compatible with?

Android Device Requirements
To find and download the Xfinity Stream app in the Google Play Store or Amazon App stores, your device must be running Android 5.0 or later. Any smartphone, tablet or Fire TV device running Android 4 or earlier is not supported.

How do I connect my Honeywell thermostat to my Xfinity WiFi?

Pairing a Thermostat

  1. On your Home screen: …
  2. Enter your Master Keypad Code.
  3. On the Categories screen, tap Home Devices.
  4. On the Home Devices screen, tap Thermostats.
  5. On the Thermostats screen, tap Add Thermostat.
  6. If your Thermostat isn’t installed yet, make sure it is powered up.

Does Xfinity work with Google home?

The Xfinity Home does not work with Google Home. However, it has a hub that allows you to control the system remotely. Moreover, you can also use it to integrate and monitor other compatible smart home products.

Does Xfinity Home Use Z Wave?

Brinks and Xfinity come to home security from very different places: Brinks is a well-known name in home security, while Xfinity has added security to its cable service. Brinks is compatible with Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Z-Wave products, giving consumers more options to integrate their existing devices.

Does Zen thermostat work with Xfinity?

Zen Thermostat™
Get yours and enjoy simple energy control on the Xfinity Home app, and on your TV with Xfinity X1.

Does Xfinity install thermostat?

An Internet-connected thermostat will help you efficiently manage energy costs and take total control of your home’s heating and cooling systems. Xfinity Home can help you install a smart thermostat as part of a full home automation system.

Is Alexa compatible with Xfinity?

Navigate to the app simply by saying simply saying “Alexa, find Xfinity” or “Alexa, open Xfinity.” The power of Alexa is built into your remote, press and hold the microphone button to access voice on Fire TV.

Why won’t My Honeywell thermostat connect?

Restart your router by pressing the ON/OFF button or by unplugging the device then plugging back in after approximately five seconds. If the problem persists, you may need to reset the thermostat’s Wi-Fi connection or reset your home Wi-Fi.

How do I know if my Honeywell thermostat is Wi-Fi?

Verify that the words “Wi-Fi SETUP” are displayed across the thermostat’s screen. If not, you’ll have to manually put the thermostat into Wi-Fi setup mode. To do so, press the FAN and UP buttons at the same time and hold for about 5 seconds, or until two numbers appear on the screen.

Why won’t My Honeywell thermostat stay connected to Wi-Fi?

Try the following: Make sure your app is up to date and your mobile phone is within 3-5 feet of your thermostat. Restart your mobile device and turn off any apps that may enhance the security, including VPN’s, GPS spoofers, etc. These can be turned on again once the connection of the thermostat is complete.

How does a Honeywell wireless thermostat work?

Honeywell wireless thermostats can improve the control over the temperature in a room by sensing the surrounding air temperature and adjusting the heating accordingly, creating an automatic system which naturally conserves energy.

Why does my thermostat keep losing Wi-Fi connection?

Some of the most common issues that can affect the thermostat’s ability to connect to the wireless network are: The range between the thermostat and the wireless access point/router – 30 ft. max is recommended. Router firmware compatibility.