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What suburb is Rod Laver Arena in?

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Asked by: Jamie Campo

Rod Laver Arena is a multipurpose arena located within Melbourne ParkMelbourne ParkFormerly known as Centre Court, Rod Laver Arena has a capacity of nearly 15,000 and has a retractable roof. The arena was opened in 1988 prior to that year’s championships and was originally known as the National Tennis Centre at Flinders Park.

Where in Melbourne is Melbourne Park?

Melbourne Sports Precinct

Melbourne Park is a multi-sport facility situated within the Melbourne Sports Precinct on the edge of the city and is home of the first Tennis Grand Slam of the year – the Australian Open.

What does 1573 mean in Chinese?

Chinese Reading Center Chinese Chat Codes

Code 繁體 Trad ↔ 简体 Simp English
1573 一往情深 Long-lasting, focused love (Chinese idiom)
1698 一路走吧 Let’s go together
1799 一起走走 Let’s stroll around
20863 爱你到来生 Love you till the next life

What is Hisense Arena now called?

John Cain Arena

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Former names Melbourne Multi Purpose Venue (planning/construction) (2006) Vodafone Arena (2000–2008) Hisense Arena (2008–2018) Melbourne Arena (2018–2020)
Address 2 Olympic Blvd Melbourne VIC 3000 Australia
Location Melbourne Park

What city is the Australian Open in?

Melbourne, Australia

Australian Open, one of the world’s major tennis championships (the first of the four annual Grand Slam events), held at the National Tennis Centre at Melbourne Park in Melbourne, Australia.

When did Australian Open move to Melbourne Park?


So, in 1988, the Australian Open moved to a new $94 million precinct called Flinders Park (which in 1996 was re-named to Melbourne Park by the Victorian Government). The state of the art tennis centre was an immediate smash hit with players and fans alike, and earned rave reviews from the Australian media.